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Deval Patrick
Deval PatrickDeval Patrick - WebDeval Patrick - 5x7Deval Patrick - 8x10
Diane Patrick
First Lady
Diane PatrickDiane Patrick - WebDiane Parick - 5x7Diane Patrick - 8x10
Glen Shor
Administration and Finance
Glen Shor - Thumb Glen Shor - WebGlen Shor - 5x7Glen Shor - 8x10
Matt Malone
Secretary of Education
Matt Malone - Thumb Matt Malone - WebMatt Malone - 5x7Matt Malone - 8x10
John Polanowicz
Secretary of Health and Human Services
John Polanowicz - Thumb John Polanowicz - WebJohn Polanowicz - 5x7John Polanowicz - 8x10
Andrea Cabral
Secretary of Public Safety
Secretary of Public Health - Anrea Cabral Andrea Cabral - WebAndrea Cabral - 5x7Andrea Cabral - 8x10
Richard Sullivan
Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs
Richard Sullivan Rick Sullivan - WebRick Sullivan - 5x7Rick Sullivan - 8x10

Joanne Goldstein
Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development

Joanne GoldsteinJoanne Goldstein - WebJoanne Goldstein - 5x7Joanne Goldstein - 8x10
Richard Davey

Secretary of Transportation, and Chief Executive Officer

Richard Davey Richard Davey - WebRichard Davey - 5x7Richard Davey - 8x10
Greg Bialecki
Secretary of Housing and Economic Development
Greg BialeckiGreg Bialecki - WebGreg Bialecki - 5x7Greg Bialecki - 8x10