For Immediate Release - February 13, 2007

Governor Patrick Taps Mayor Robert G. Nunes to Head Municipal Affairs

Nunes to focus on strengthening the level of partnership and collaboration between state government and cities and towns

BOSTON-Wednesday, February 14, 2007-Governor Deval Patrick today announced his selection of Taunton Mayor Robert G. Nunes as Director of Municipal Affairs, a post within the Executive Office of Administration and Finance, where he will focus on strengthening the partnership between state government and local communities.

"Mayor Nunes has the experience that it will take to rebuild our relationship with the Commonwealth's cities and towns," Governor Patrick said. "He knows firsthand the challenges communities face and understands the need for honest and open communication between local government and the executive branch of government. I look forward to having him on our team."

As Director, Nunes will run the Division of Local Services within the Department of Revenue and will serve as the main contact point between cities and towns and state government.

Nunes brings to the job 25 years of local and state government experience and is the longest serving mayor in Taunton's history, currently serving in his sixth term. As mayor, he managed the city out of two fiscal crises in 1992 and 2004 and built four new schools in 10 years without debt exclusion.

"I am excited about this opportunity and look forward to working with Governor Patrick and Lieutenant Governor Murray to identify new and creative ways to strengthen the relationship between municipalities and the state," Mayor Nunes said. "Working collaboratively, we can make the Commonwealth's 351 cities and towns flourish once again."

Nunes is a past President of the Massachusetts Mayors Association and a former member of the LGAC. He will assume his new position March 12.

Governor Patrick today also issued an Executive Order that establishes a Municipal Affairs Coordinating Cabinet, which will coordinate the ways in which state government can provide additional services and assistance to cities and towns. The cabinet is tasked with coordinating the implementation of municipal impact statements on legislation and executive orders, and providing analysis of home rule legislation to determine if the particular provision should be applied broadly to all cities and towns thereby providing permanent local authority.

The cabinet will be chaired by Mayor Nunes and will include the state purchasing agent, the chief information officer, the commissioner of capital asset management and maintenance, the executive director of the group insurance commission, the personnel administrator, the chairman of the civil service commission, and any other person whom the Secretary of Administration and Finance may designate.

The cabinet will also work to implement and analyze recommendations from the Local Government Advisory Commission, which Lieutenant Governor Murray oversees on behalf of the administration.