For Immediate Release - January 24, 2007


Takes to the Web to Communicate Directly with Massachusetts Citizens

BOSTON- Tuesday, January 23, 2007 - Governor Deval Patrick this week will launch a regular podcast, speaking directly to millions of residents across the Commonwealth on a broad range of topics affecting their lives. These weekly addresses will allow the public a glimpse inside the Governor's office in a new and exciting way that recognizes a growing dependence on Web-based communication.

"During my campaign, many people from across the state who had checked out of politics and government checked back in. We have a responsibility to keep those people engaged, and one of the ways we do that is by communicating directly with them," Governor Patrick said. "I hope to continue the conversation we have started through a weekly podcast, where I and members of my administration will fill the public in on what's been happening in state government, in a way they've never experienced before. I'm excited about this new opportunity and look forward to the launch."

The first address will air Friday, January 26 on In it, Governor Patrick will discuss his experiences during his first few weeks in office, early initiatives such as the Commonwealth Corps, and the tough choices the state faces as he and his team craft their first budget. He will touch on rejoining the New England Governors' Conference and signing onto the Regional Greenhouse Gases Initiative. He will also discuss the administration's efforts to reach out to cities and towns and to build partnerships with legislators, the business community, and the people who call Massachusetts home.

New podcasts will be added regularly, and will be one of many tools the Governor uses to interact directly with the public.