For Immediate Release - June 18, 2008

Governor Patrick Announces Andorran Medical Device Company's Expansion into Massachusetts

KLOCKNER establishes a US subsidiary headquartered in Boston; plans to expand and establish its American Manufacturing Facility in Massachusetts

SAN DIEGO, CALIF. - Wednesday, June 18, 2008 - Today, Governor Patrick announced the expansion plans of Andorran medical device company SOADCO/KLOCKNER into Massachusetts, creating up to 140 jobs over the next three years.

Governor Patrick and representatives from the Massachusetts Office of International Trade & Investment (MOITI) met with Eduardo Vivas, Global Corporate Director of SOADCO to discuss the company's creation of its US Headquarters in Boston and its future plans to establish an American Manufacturing Facility in the Commonwealth. SOADCO/KLOCKNER produces dental implants, accessory prostheses and surgical material and exports to over 20 countries worldwide.

"I am very excited SOADCO has chosen to make Massachusetts home for its US Headquarters and I congratulate them on their expansion," said Governor Patrick. "This is a great win for the Commonwealth and our team will continue to work with companies to bring their businesses here."

Vivas cited the Commonwealth's long history of ingenuity and innovation, its highly educated workforce, and its status as a world leader in scientific research and as just some of the many characteristics that provided Massachusetts a competitive advantage over other possible US locations.

"Massachusetts has a long and distinguished tradition of ingenuity, innovation, and entrepreneurship dating back to the American Revolution that makes it an ideal location for conducting business," said Eduardo Viva, Global Corporate Director for SOADCO. "Consistently ranking number one for innovation assets, college attainment, and the most high-technology companies per capita, Massachusetts provides businesses a competitive advantage that is hard to duplicate."

Governor Patrick made the announcement in front of an audience of over 200 executives representing 20 different countries at an international CEOs breakfast hosted by MOITI while in California for the annual BIO convention.

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July 27, 2009 Update from Cabinet Communications Klockner: We hereby inform you that effective June 12, 2009, Mr. Eduardo Vivas is no longer employed by or affiliated with either Klockner of North America, Inc. or SOADCO, S.L..