For Immediate Release - November 19, 2008

Governor Patrick Announces Expansion of Portable Power Firm

Lilliputian Systems Will Add More Than 100 Clean Energy Jobs

WILMINGTON - Wednesday, November 19, 2008 - Governor Deval Patrick announced today that clean technology company Lilliputian Systems will expand its factory and add more than 100 new jobs in the coming months.

"We are determined to make this Commonwealth the global leader in clean tech," said Governor Patrick. "This industry continues to prosper in spite of the softening global economy and Lilliputian Systems is a great example. I am pleased that Secretary O'Connell and Secretary Bowles have worked so effectively to ensure the company's expansion happens here."

Lilliputian Systems is a Wilmington-based company that manufactures mobile device power systems enabled by its proprietary Silicon Power Cell™ technology, which delivers power and energy improvements for consumer electronic devices, allowing consumers to unplug from the "grid" and enjoy up to 10 times the battery life of traditional batteries.

The Patrick Administration, through efforts from the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development and the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, is committed to fostering growth in the clean energy technology industry, which will continue to create new jobs and help lead the way on the path to a clean energy future.

Governor Patrick signed a package of clean energy bills this year, which puts Massachusetts on the forefront of energy reform and environmental protection - the Green Communities Act, the Green Jobs Act, the Clean Energy Biofuels Act, the Oceans Act, and the Global Warming Solutions Act - demonstrating that Massachusetts is serious about leaving the fossil fuel era and blazing a trail to a clean energy future.

According to CEO Ken Lazarus, Lilliputian chose to stay in Massachusetts primarily due to the talent that's here.

"We work in a specialized industry that requires very special employees," said Lazarus. "Doing business in Massachusetts means having almost limitless access to highly trained talent, and that is critical for a company like ours." Lazarus added: "Our product will make a significant impact on reducing a consumer electronic user's carbon footprint, and we're elated with the Commonwealth's aggressive interest in helping us grow."

Lilliputian's "USB Mobile Power System" could help users of consumer electronic products realize a 600% efficiency improvement over traditional wall chargers, drastically affecting how we power mobile phones, video games, digital cameras, Bluetooth headsets or virtually any product that utilizes a USB port. Additionally, the product will create a recyclable solution that drastically reduces landfill waste associated with other battery alternatives. Further, the USB Mobile Power System can be powered by a variety of clean fuels including butane or biofuels when available.

Lilliputian Systems expects to add 100-plus high-paying engineering and technician jobs. The company expects to launch the product in limited quantities in late 2009.

Lilliputian's Systems could be eligible for support from the Commonwealth to help grow their business under a variety of programs through the Massachusetts Office of Business Development, the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative and Mass Development.