For Immediate Release - September 12, 2008

Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray and Seaport Advisory Council Vote on $4.1 Million for Improvements to Massachusetts Ports

BOSTON- Friday, September 12, 2008 - Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray, chair of the Seaport Advisory Council, today convened a meeting of the Governor's Seaport Advisory Council to discuss critical maritime policy issues and voted to authorize $4.1 million from the Environmental Bond Bill to a wide array of seaport projects.

The Council unanimously voted to advance the following port development projects:

$300,000 -- Fish Pier Float System

$50,000 -- Dredge Sesuit Harbor

$320,000 -- Repairs to Town Pier-Fuel Dock Outthink Island

New Bedford / Fairhaven
$300,000 -- Phase III Dredge Construction Additional Funds

New Bedford
$75,000 -- New Bedford Berth/Launch Facilities

$350,000 -- Squantum Point Park Pier, Adams Landing Project

$2,300,000 -- New Salem Wharf Land Acquisition and Construction Documents

$550,000 -- Marine Park Dredging

$575,000 -- Besse Park Bulkhead Replacement

$200,000 -- Statewide, Harbor Coordinators: Fall River, Gloucester, New Bedford and Salem

The Council, Governor Deval Patrick's administrative panel for coordinating policy and development, consists of 15 voting members including 4 cabinet members, the Director of Massport, 5 port city mayors, and regional representatives, and meets quarterly in different port cities and towns to vote on maritime policy and the allocation of Seaport Bond Bill dollars for port development project.