For Immediate Release - September 09, 2008

State's Website Earns Top Honors

Mass.Gov recognized for its consumer-friendly setup, variety of information

BOSTON-Tuesday, September 9, 2008-The Commonwealth's website,, was recently named one of the nation's 10 best government websites by a national non-profit research group and a major technology industry publication, both citing the site's user-friendly features and depth of information available to the public.

In its annual report on state and federal government technology (State and Federal Electronic Government in the United States, 2008), the Brookings Institution ranked fifth in the country, up one spot from the previous year.

That report noted the importance of consistency within a government website, singling out as an example. "States that had websites that were completely inconsistent from one agency to the next were harder to navigate, because each site seemed like an independent entity," the report states. "Sites that were consistently formatted, however, were much easier to use because one knew where to find certain links with the prior knowledge of their relative locations on other state sites. For example, many Massachusetts state sites had consistent types of links on the top, left, right and bottom of each page, allowing for very straightforward navigation."

"The Patrick-Murray Administration has made transparency and civic engagement top priorities, and I am so pleased that the work of our team is paying off, making state government more accessible to those seeking information," said Secretary of Administration and Finance Leslie A. Kirwan, who oversees the Information Technology Division (ITD).

Government Computer News, a major industry publication, unveiled its own top 10 list of "Great. Gov" websites, selecting as the only state website to earn a spot in its rankings.

"One of the things a Web design team should keep in mind is that the site should be organized in terms of function rather than mirroring the organization behind the site," says GCN. "The Massachusetts Web site is one of the best examples of how to do this."

ITD has been working with Governor Deval Patrick's office to consolidate more than 100 individual agency websites into one top-level portal, and a handful of topic based sites that make information easily available to residents, businesses, municipalities, employees and visitors.

Prior to the consolidation, many agencies had numerous websites with varying content and design quality. For example, Health and Human Services had 17 separate websites. Today, there is one Health & Human Services site. Its content is organized by constituency and topic (not by agency) and related content from multiple agencies is integrated. Context-sensitive side modules, such as news, online services, and publications, provide easy access to additional related content.

"Mass.Gov is more than a web publishing platform, it is a community. We would not be where we are today without strong buy-in and participation from our customers," said Director Susan Parker.

To access the full reports click here and here.