For Immediate Release - October 07, 2009


BOSTON - Wednesday, October 7, 2009 - With a continued focus on job creation and economic recovery, Governor Patrick unveiled the Administration's latest five-year capital investment plan today, calling for significant investment in the Commonwealth's transportation, education, public safety, housing and environmental infrastructure and assets.

Among the projects funded in the Fiscal Year 2010-2014 plan are several in the Greater Boston area, including the Muddy River Flood Control and Historic Preservation in Boston and Brookline, reconstruction of the Georges Island visitor center and rehabilitation of the Upper Mystic Lake Dam.

"These investments, along with many others in regions across the state, will put people back to work and keep Massachusetts on the road to economic recovery," said Governor Patrick. "The affordable, targeted projects included in this capital plan will help address our short-term challenges and lay the foundation for long-term economic growth."

"Even during these difficult fiscal times, we are committed to making smart investments for the long-term that will help spur the Commonwealth's economic recovery," said Lieutenant Governor Timothy P. Murray. "The projects contained in the capital plan will help improve the state's infrastructure in communities across the Commonwealth and at the same time create jobs for our residents."

Muddy River Project

The Governor's capital plan commits $24 million for the state's share of the Muddy River Project, including close to $3.2 million in FY10. The Commonwealth's investment will leverage an additional $60 million in federal funds for the project. Release of the state funds is contingent on the Town of Brookline voting at its fall town meeting to fund the restoration of the Carlton Street Footbridge, an historic bridge at the Muddy River that the Town is required to restore as a condition of the environmental approval for the Muddy River project.

The Muddy River Restoration Project is a joint project of the City of Boston, the Town of Brookline, the Commonwealth and the Army Corp of Engineers. During heavy rain storms, the Muddy River - which flows through the Emerald Necklace - is prone to flooding with the potential for causing significant impact and damage to area transportation systems, private residences, businesses and educational and cultural institutions in Boston and Brookline. Flooding in recent years has made it necessary to address this public safety issue in a comprehensive manner.

"I am pleased that the state is committed to providing funding for this important environmental project," said Senator Cynthia Creem. "The Muddy River is a vital natural resource and this funding commitment recognizes the contribution of many local residents who have worked for years with the Brookline Greenspace Alliance on the restoration of the Emerald Necklace."

"On behalf of the Town of Brookline, I would like to thank Governor Patrick for releasing environmental bond funds that will not only add to the beautification of the Muddy River and the Emerald Necklace, but will also protect residents, business and the MBTA from flooding problems along the river," said Representative Frank Smizik. "Also for providing funds for Martha's Lane in South Brookline that will provide needed relief for residents whose homes face soil contaminated problems."

Elements of the project include dredging the river from Wards Pond to the Charles River Basin, day-lighting two sections of the river, installation of larger culverts, eradication of invasive plants from wetland and riparian areas, removal of sediment to restore aquatic habitat, restoration of the historic park shoreline natural plantings.

Georges Island Visitor Center

The Governor's capital plan commits $4.8 million in Fiscal Year 2010 for the design and repair or replacement of the Georges Island Pier, which is the primary access point to this historic site in the Boston Harbor Islands Region. The visitors Center at Georges Island is the home of Fort Warren, one of the original United States Coastal defensive forts built in the early 1800s that served as a Civil War POW site.

In addition to the state's share for this project, The Boston Harbor Alliance is also contributing funds to the project.

Upper Mystic Lake Dam

The Governor's capital plan commits over $3 million in Fiscal Year 2010 for the design, permit and construction for a full rehabilitation of the Upper Mystic Lake Dam in Arlington. The dam is classified as a significant hazard dam in poor condition and the spillway capacity does not meet dam safety standards. This is dam in a watershed area that experiences flooding. The design of this project is substantially complete and construction will begin in FY10, continuing into FY11.

The Patrick-Murray Administration's FY10-14 Capital Plan is a five-year plan that that reflects the current economic challenges the state is facing during this global recession. While the Administration continues to make significant, worthwhile investments in key areas including higher education, transportation and the innovation economy, the FY10 bond cap has been reduced by $226 million or 13 percent from the amount planned for FY10 in the five-year plan published last year.

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