For Immediate Release - October 07, 2009


BOSTON - Wednesday, October 7, 2009 - With a continued focus on job creation and economic recovery, Governor Patrick unveiled the Administration's latest five-year capital investment plan today, calling for significant investment in the Commonwealth's transportation, education, public safety, housing and environmental infrastructure and assets.

Among the projects included in the Fiscal Year 2010-2014 plan are the New Allied Health and Science Building at North Shore Community College, a new library for Salem State College, and initial state funding for the development of a new regional agricultural and vocational high school at the Essex Agricultural and Technical Institute in Danvers/Middleton.

"These investments, along with many others in regions across the state, will put people back to work and keep Massachusetts on the road to economic recovery," said Governor Patrick. "The affordable, targeted projects included in this capital plan will help address our short-term challenges and lay the foundation for long-term economic growth."

"Even during these difficult fiscal times, we are committed to making smart investments for the long-term that will help spur the Commonwealth's economic recovery," said Lieutenant Governor Timothy P. Murray. "The projects contained in the capital plan will help improve the state's infrastructure in communities across the Commonwealth and at the same time create jobs for our residents."

North Shore CC Allied Health and Science Building

The Governor's capital plan commits $28 million for the construction of a new Allied Health and Science Building at North Shore Community College, including $7 million in Fiscal Year 2010.

The new Allied Health Building will be three stories containing five general academic instruction spaces along with student and administrative support services. Nursing, physical and occupational therapy, radiology, respiratory and surgical care, and animal sciences along with the appropriate laboratory space are included in the design. The design is targeting a LEED Gold certification. In addition, this project is one of two designated as potential Zero Net Energy projects.

A formal ground breaking ceremony has been scheduled by the campus on October 29.

Salem State College

The Governor's capital plan commits an estimated $69 million for a new college library, including $5 million in Fiscal Year 2010. The building will accommodate all library and related learning resources.

The existing library was closed nearly two years ago when engineers determined the building was structurally unsound. Since then, the College has maintained an interim library facility on SSC's Central Campus. FY10 funding will allow for demolition of the old library and design work on the new one.

"This is a crucial investment that will benefit the people of Salem, and the region as a whole, for a long time to come," said Salem Mayor Kimberley Driscoll. "Especially in these difficult times, this type of major investment in our education infrastructure is exactly what we need to help stimulate our economy, strengthen our workforce, and provide greater opportunity for the people of the North Shore."

Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School

The Governor's capital plan includes an initial commitment of $500,000 for the state's share of the cost for the development of a new regional and agricultural and vocational technical high school on the campus of Essex Agricultural and Technical Institute in Danvers/Middleton.

The Essex North Shore Agricultural and Vocational Technical School project involves building a new, School Building Assistance-eligible $125 million facility on the site of the existing Essex Agricultural and Technical Institute in Danvers/Middleton for a new merged school district comprised of the state-owned Essex Agricultural and Technical School, the North Shore Regional Vocational Technical School, and the vocational component of Peabody High School.

The construction of this merged agricultural and vocational school will maximize educational and workforce development opportunities for high school students and adult learners of the entire North Shore region.

"The funding for this merger is tremendous news for the North Shore," said Senator Frederick E. Berry. "This new state of the art school will bring meaningful and long lasting workforce development to our region. I am very grateful that Governor Patrick and his administration understand the importance of a trained workforce and a quality education for all who seek it."

The project is expected to be jointly funded by the Commonwealth, the School Building Authority and member communities. Once communities have committed to their share of the funding, the Commonwealth is committed to investing its calculated share of $21.1 million in the project over the course of the project.

"Investing in the education and training of our workforce is a critical step in boosting the future economy of the North Shore and the economy of the Commonwealth as a whole," said Senator Thomas M. McGee. "I am extremely pleased that the State has made these funds available for the local institutions of learning, showing their commitment to education and future job growth."

"Investing in Salem State College, North Shore Community College and the new regional vocational school is a wise investment," said Representative John D. Keenan. "It not only creates much needed construction jobs today, but equally important, it prepares our students and retools unemployed adults for jobs of the 21st century and the global economy."

"This is a terrific boost for the North Shore to have funds to support our higher education institutions, which are in high demand and deliver a quality product," said Representative Mary E. Grant. "It is especially good news to have support for the merger of the North Shore Technical High school and Essex Agi, which is required to have vocational and technical training to help create the workforce needed in our region. It has been a long time."

"This is a very important day for students on the North Shore, for both their kids and their parents," said Representative Theodore Speliotis. "It is a great day great day for students and we ought to be extremely pleased with the opportunity to provide education across the board, whether it be in nursing or in vocational programs. It is extraordinary that we are able to do this during difficult times. Nursing programs, vocational schools - that is the way to help my constituents."

"As President of North Shore Community College and Chairman of the North Shore Chamber of Commerce, I appreciate, perhaps more than many, the enormous importance of Governor Patrick, Lieutenant Governor Murray and Senator Fred Berry's announcement to the educational community and business leaders on the North Shore," said Dr. Wayne M. Burton. "The new technical high school they support represents more than a great future for its graduates. It fulfills a decade-long North Shore Chamber priority and is a jewel in the crown of the North Shore, a region on the rise in the revitalized economy of the region and Commonwealth. We are grateful to Governor Patrick, Senator Berry and the entire North Shore delegation for their efforts on behalf of our membership and the North Shore."

The Patrick-Murray Administration's FY10-14 Capital Plan is a five-year plan that reflects the current economic challenges the state is facing during this global recession. While the Administration continues to make significant, worthwhile investments in key areas including higher education, transportation and the innovation economy, the FY10 bond cap of $1.5 billion has been reduced by $226 million or 13 percent from the amount planned for FY10 in the five-year plan published last year.

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