For Immediate Release - March 31, 2009


BOSTON- Tuesday, March 31, 2009 - Governor Patrick's Statement on climate change legislation introduced by Representatives Henry Waxman of California, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and Ed Markey of Massachusetts, chairman of the Energy and Environment subcommittee:

"This is a pivotal moment for our transition to the clean energy economy," said Governor Deval Patrick. "I applaud Chairman Waxman and especially our own Chairman Markey for responding forcefully to President Obama's call for Congressional action on energy and climate change. We in the states have been plowing the way as we waited for federal leadership, and this important legislation is the first step toward getting it. A cap-and-trade program with targets that avoid the most severe consequences of climate change will help consumers save money in the short run and accelerate the growth of clean energy companies, here and elsewhere, in the long run, providing jobs and a greener future for coming generations. I look forward to working with Congress and the Obama Administration as this proposal moves through the legislative process."‪‪