For Immediate Release - October 28, 2009


Numbers submitted for first federal reporting cycle show ARRA is working in Massachusetts

BOSTON - Wednesday, October 28, 2009 - Governor Deval Patrick announced today that American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding has created or retained 23,533 jobs in Massachusetts since the start of the 27-month program in February.

"The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was designed to help states bridge to a better tomorrow by putting people back to work immediately and making smart investments in our future. This report shows that our work is paying off," said Governor Patrick. "Real jobs are being created or saved, real projects are underway and we're making real investment in our long-term economy."

Based on data submitted to the federal government set to be released on Friday, Massachusetts state agencies received approximately $4 billion in recovery money through September 30, 2009. Of these funds, state agencies have already invested nearly $1.9 billion, including $1.3 billion on direct benefits such as Unemployment Insurance and Medicaid, and over $500 million on other programs and infrastructure projects to create or retain jobs and fund essential services.

Stimulus spending has created or retained 8,792 full-time equivalents (FTEs), representing 23,533 individual citizens put to work. These numbers represent teachers, health care professionals, police officers, fire fighters, construction workers, engineers and many others whose salaries have been supported by ARRA funds. Additionally, more than $900 million in recovery funding is in the pipeline and promises to add to the state's significant job creation figures going forward.

"Massachusetts has smartly used funding under the Recovery Act to begin digging out of the dismal economic downturn. As Governor Patrick announced on Wednesday, we've created or retained more than 23,000 jobs and helped lay the foundation for long-term economic growth. The Patrick Administration has done a terrific job in getting the funds out to all corners of our state as quickly as possible to ensure that we give our economy the biggest bang for the buck," said Senator John Kerry.

"I commend Governor Patrick for his effective use of stimulus funds to help our unemployed workers find jobs," said Senator Paul G. Kirk, Jr. "This announcement is a significant step in the right direction. The road to recovery is long, and we must continue to do all we can to see that no families in the Commonwealth are left behind."

"Right now, our economic recovery needs to be measured by one word: jobs," said Congressman Ed Markey. "Governor Patrick's announcement today proves that the Recovery Act is showing real results, putting people back to work on critical infrastructure projects and other programs. I commend Governor Patrick for his leadership in these difficult economic times. We are not out of the woods yet, but it is clear we are on the path to recovery here in the Bay State."

"Today's announcement by Governor Patrick strongly reinforces the fact that stimulus money is making a difference in the lives of people in western and central Massachusetts. More teachers are in the classroom, and more police and firefighters are on the streets due to the economic recovery act. Literally thousand of good jobs have been created or saved in the state because of this significant federal investment. As the economy continues to recover, I will continue my efforts to provide much needed relief the individuals and communities that need it most," said Congressman Richard E. Neal.

"Today's announcement shows just how essential the Recovery Act has been to stabilizing our economy," said Congressman Jim McGovern. "From keeping teachers in our classrooms to new construction jobs, the stimulus has had a profound effect in our communities."

"At a time when we are facing record unemployment and when so many middle-class families are struggling, today's news that tens of thousands of jobs have been created or retained in Massachusetts as a result of Congress passing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is welcomed. This bill has clearly begun having its intended effect - preventing teachers and first responders from being laid off, advancing much-needed infrastructure projects and quite simply, putting people to work," said Congressman John F. Tierney.

"The focus of the stimulus bill has always been simple - put people to work," said Congressman Mike Capuano. "The economy has not recovered yet, but by creating and retaining jobs in Massachusetts, we are accomplishing an important aspect of bringing on recovery."

"It is admittedly difficult to quantify the number of jobs that have been saved by federal stimulus money, but these Recovery Office numbers are helpful to show that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is making a difference here in Massachusetts, keeping people in their jobs and putting people back to work on projects that will invest in our state's long-term economic future," Congressman Stephen F. Lynch said.

"The funds released from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Package thus far are creating jobs by investing in clean energy, critical infrastructure and education, while keeping police, firefighters and other essential personnel on the job in our communities," said Congresswoman Niki Tsongas. "The impact of each dollar spent creating jobs will multiply as workers demand local goods and service - strengthening our economy over time as the Recovery package was intended to do."

"The numbers that we are presenting today, especially the over 23,500 people who have been working on ARRA-funded jobs here in Massachusetts, show the enormous contribution that the stimulus program is making," said Jeffrey Simon, Director of Infrastructure and Investment for the administration. "As the program hits its stride over the next few months, I expect these numbers to continue to grow and the effect that the program has on the economic recovery to be even more visible."

It is estimated that over 2.8 million Massachusetts residents have directly benefited from recovery investments in education, Medicaid, unemployment benefits and workforce development programs.

The Massachusetts Recovery and Reinvestment Office (MassRRO), which Governor Patrick has tasked with overseeing the federal stimulus program for the state, submitted its final report to the federal government on October 20, 2009. The administration developed a comprehensive and rigorous data collection and validation process with various stages to ensure for accurate reporting. MassRRO's "Citizen's Update," released today and available at , details the impact of recovery dollars on Massachusetts to date.

All data submitted to the federal government will be available at on October 30.