For Immediate Release - April 02, 2010


Patrick-Murray Administration continues record level of infrastructure investment, Increases amount of "Chapter 90" funds for cities & towns

BOSTON - Friday, April 2, 2010 - Continuing the Patrick-Murray Administration's record level of investment in the state's infrastructure, Governor Deval Patrick has notified cities and towns they will receive $155 million in state Chapter 90 funds to rebuild and repair local roads and bridges next fiscal year. This significant capital investment will create construction jobs, improve transportation and public safety and encourage long-term economic development across the Commonwealth.

"This record level of investment in repairing town and city roads and bridges represents an historic and timely boost for communities across the Commonwealth," said Governor Patrick. "When combined with our unprecedented Accelerated Bridge Program and federal stimulus projects, we are putting thousands of people to work and jumpstarting our economy as we rebuild our transportation infrastructure."

Each city and town will receive an increase in Chapter 90 funding for the fiscal year beginning on July 1, 2010 compared to the previous year, with funds allocated using a longstanding formula based upon community road miles, population and employment. This investment represents a $5 million increase over fiscal year 2010 and is part of the Patrick-Murray Administration's record level of investment in the Commonwealth's aging infrastructure. This year alone, officials project the Administration has funded an estimated $1.085 billion in Accelerated Bridge Program and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act projects.

"For far too long, our roads and bridges were overlooked but our administration is committed to improving our infrastructure," said Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray. "We are addressing deferred maintenance by responsibly applying funds to invest in our roads and bridges in cities and towns across the Commonwealth."

Chapter 90 funds are allocated as part of the three-year Transportation Bond Bills approved by the Legislature in 2008. The funds may be used for road, bridge and multi-use path projects and related needs.

"Our municipalities have critical street and bridge improvement and safety projects ready to go and waiting for these funds, and MassDOT is working closely with our local partners on streamlined project design and construction to put these dollars to use quickly and wisely," said Transportation Secretary and CEO Jeffrey Mullan.

"This important investment in our communities lies within the confines of our 5-year capital plan, a responsible blueprint for the Patrick-Murray Administration's strategic investments," said Administration and Finance Secretary Jay Gonzalez. "These road and bridge repair projects are important to communities and important to the economic strength of the Commonwealth."

A complete list of awards, broken down by community, is attached to this email and is also viewable online here.

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