For Immediate Release - April 27, 2010


State Workforce Training Funds Matched By Local Companies to Create and Retain Jobs in Massachusetts

PEABODY - Tuesday, April 27, 2010 - Building on the Patrick-Murray Administration's continued efforts to foster job creation and economic growth in the Commonwealth, Governor Deval Patrick today announced $1,313,955 in workforce training funds to 18 companies across the Commonwealth. These funds will be matched by participating companies, providing an additional $3,548,125, to train 1,874 workers statewide.

Governor Patrick announced this funding at Peabody's Analogic Corporation, the recipient of a $100,000 grant under a previous round of workforce training funds. Analogic's workforce training plan is specifically designed to improve job retention and to position the company for future growth in Massachusetts.

"To remain productive and competitive, our workers need cutting-edge skills," said Governor Patrick. "We're making that happen through these Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund grants."

"The Workforce Training Fund has proven to be an effective resource to help businesses retain and grow their workforce," said Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray. "As we invest in workforce training, this program is an opportunity for our administration to partner with a company seeking support, offer programs designed by the company, and provide necessary job skills to build the company's workforce in Massachusetts."

Analogic Corporation is a high-technology company that has been recognized for its innovation in computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, patient monitoring and aviation security, among other technologies. The funds for Analogic Corporation will support a Lean Six Sigma training program to improve company productivity and reduce costs. Lean Six Sigma training focuses on improving the quality of process outputs by finding and removing the causes of errors.

"Analogic has over 1,400 employees worldwide with over 900 right here in Massachusetts," said Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development Secretary Joanne F. Goldstein. "These funds will train 194 engineers, technicians, assemblers, repair specialists, surface mount operators, software engineers, manufacturing operations, managers and supervisors."

"We are very pleased to receive this $100,000 Workforce Training Fund grant, which we will use to support a Lean Six Sigma training program to improve Analogic's productivity," said Jim Green, President and CEO of Analogic. "Lean Six Sigma training is an important part of our initiative to enhance and sustain Analogic's operational efficiency with more streamlined processes, and to develop world-class manufacturing capabilities. The funds from this grant will allow our employees to benefit from the best training available."

"On behalf of Analogic, I would like to thank the Patrick Administration for the opportunity to take Lean Six Sigma training. I'm confident that it will go a long way toward enhancing our company's culture and making Analogic a stronger company," said Pam Wilson, a Manufacturing Engineer at Analogic. "On a personal note, the training will help me save time on my job and reduce the amount of time I'll have to spend putting out fires."

The Workforce Training Fund has been investing in workers and employers since 1999. Since taking office, the Patrick-Murray Administration has invested over $44.3 million to train over 61,000 workers across the Commonwealth in a range of critical and emerging industries.

This round of Workforce Training Fund grants range from approximately $16,400 to $100,000 and have been awarded to the following companies:


  • Aushon Bio Systems Inc., Billerica - $46,000
  • Burlington Machine Inc., Wilmington - $25,200
  • Dependable Cleaners, Inc., Quincy - $89,200
  • FIBA Technologies, Millbury - $99,100
  • Hanson Acquisition Sub Inc., Chicopee - $99,700
  • High Liner Foods (USA) Inc., Danvers - $85,800
  • Ken's Foods, Inc., Marlborough - $86,000
  • Lawrence Pumps, Inc., Lawrence - $94,830
  • Mack Technologies, Westford - $99,955
  • New England Shirt Co., LLC, Fall River - $99,000
  • Newport Corp., North Billerica - $38,400
  • Nuance Communications Inc., Burlington - $98,400
  • One Communications Management Co., Burlington - $100,000
  • Precision Sportswear Inc., Fall River - $16,400
  • Prematech LLC, Worcester - $54,340
  • Prima North America, Inc., Chicopee - $46,845
  • STD Med Inc., Stoughton - $42,985
  • Victor Innovative Textiles, Fall River - $91,800

"With these grants the Governor is demonstrating his commitment to providing Massachusetts with the most highly skilled workforce in the nation. Both employers and employees will reap the benefits of this investment of over 1 million dollars, and I commend the Governor for this strategic deployment of resources," said Senator Thomas M. McGee, Senate Chair of the Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development.

"The Workforce Training Grant program continues to be an important resource for Massachusetts businesses and their employees. These grants will help Massachusetts businesses thrive by ensuring that they have access to a highly skilled workforce. Moreover, these grants will assist employees to develop new skills and expertise, which they will carry with them throughout their career. I applaud the Governor for his support of this important program," said Representative Cheryl Coakley-Rivera, House Chair of the Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development.

"The best way for Massachusetts to fully recover from the effects of the current recession is to retain a quality educated workforce. Thank you to Governor Patrick for recognizing this need and equipping Massachusetts workers with the tools they need to be successful," said Senator Frederick E. Berry.

"The creation of jobs is still our number one priority. This reflects the efforts of the Commonwealth in a very small way, but very large for those people at High Liner Foods and Analogic. I'm very pleased the Governor has directed this money toward the North Shore and has chosen my district to make such an important announcement," said Representative Theodore Speliotis.

"Analogic's high-tech signal and image-processing products are found in the largest, medical imaging companies in the world. Its state-of-the-art airport security imaging systems help make air travel safer for millions. To remain competitive in the global economy, Analogic must maintain a highly skilled workforce. With assistance from the Workforce Training Fund, this world-class company will make sure its employees have the requisite skills to boldly move forward as it continues to invent new products and improve existing ones," said Representative Joyce Spiliotis.

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