For Immediate Release - September 03, 2010


Reconstructed bridge will restore access for area residents and business owners

FITCHBURG - Friday, September 3, 2010 - As part of the Patrick-Murray Administration's historic Massachusetts Works program that will put nearly 20,000 people to work across the Commonwealth, Lieutenant Governor Timothy P. Murray today joined local leaders in Fitchburg to announce an award of $150,000 in state funding for the reconstruction of the Scott Road Bridge.

The city-owned Scott Road Bridge closed four years ago after being damaged in storm-related flooding. The closing of the bridge, located west of Saima Park in Fitchburg, has resulted in a detour of several miles for residents in the immediate area, and has inconvenienced area businesses and patrons of Saima Park Function Hall and Pavilion. With this state assistance, the City of Fitchburg will reconstruct the 20-foot bridge, add infrastructure protections against future flooding and construct the bridge to accommodate two lanes of traffic. The reconstruction is slated for completion in summer 2011.

"This is a cost-efficient investment that will have a significant and positive impact for residents and businesses burdened for years by a long detour," said Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray. "As we continue to invest in infrastructure improvements across the state, we look forward to partnering with the City of Fitchburg to rebuild the bridge and improve transportation in the area."

"Once again, I am extremely thankful for the Lieutenant Governor's presence in North Central Massachusetts. Since taking office, Governor Patrick, and in particular, Lieutenant Governor Murray have focused their efforts on the roads, bridges and rails of Massachusetts, including those in North Central Mass. Representative DiNatale and I were able to sit down and convey the benefits of fixing the Scott Road Bridge; the Lieutenant Governor listened and is here today to partner with the City," said Senator Jennifer L. Flanagan.

"This bridge has been an issue for people in that part of town for a number of years. A lot of state resources are flowing into the area such as the new roundabout on Ashby State Road and Rindge Road, along with the repair of the Scott Road bridge, which will greatly relieve transportation issues in that part of town. This is one more example of the Patrick-Murray administration investing in projects to improve the quality of life for the people of Fitchburg," said Representative Stephen L. DiNatale.

"This project means a lot to the community and we would not have been able to fix this bridge today without the state's help," said Mayor Lisa A. Wong. "This is a great example of how local-state partnerships work well - our city public works department will provide the labor and the state will provide the funding for the materials."

The Patrick-Murray Administration's commitment to repairing neglected transportation infrastructure has resulted in the Commonwealth's investment in roads and bridges growing from $515 million in FY2007 to a projected $1.085 billion in FY2010. The road and bridge construction program supports more than 10,000 jobs on 385 separate projects across the Commonwealth.

Additionally, MassDOT reduced the time from construction contract advertisement to construction start by more than 43 percent - a drop from 218 days in 2008 to 124 days in 2009. For ARRA projects, the timeline from construction contract advertisement to notice to proceed was reduced to 48 days, allowing MassDOT to put people to work on construction projects faster than ever before.

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