For Immediate Release - July 30, 2010


BOSTON - Friday, July 30, 2010 - The following is a statement from Governor Deval Patrick on the gaming conference committee's report.

"Yesterday I called on the Legislature to finish their work on several key pieces of legislation that are critical to continuing our economic recovery and growing jobs. I am pleased that the House and Senate have begun to move on these measures today and will look forward to reviewing the content of the final bills to assure that they go far enough.

"To break the legislative logjam on these measures, I offered to accept one slot facility, competitively and openly bid, as part of an expanded gaming bill. This is a big concession for me in light of my consistent view that slot parlors do not give us the jobs at higher wages and benefits that justify the social costs.

"I respect the Speaker and the Senate President and the teams that have so ably and thoughtfully worked to compromise on an expanded gaming bill. Although we have not yet seen the details of the Conference Committee report, I am nonetheless disappointed that it includes more than one slot facility and that there is no provision for open, competitive bidding for the slot licenses. I cannot support this bill in its current form."