For Immediate Release - September 04, 2010


We have very good news this morning. Hurricane Earl continued to track east and out to sea as it approached us last night, and the Cape & Islands were spared a direct hit. We had very minimal impacts, including some 1800 power outages, most of which have already been restored.

Accordingly, I have lifted the State of Emergency. The Cape and Islands are open for business this Labor Day weekend.

One continuing word of caution: rip currents continue so swimmers and boaters should take special care in the water. Otherwise, come on down to the Cape and enjoy the last days of summer as planned.

‬‪I am grateful to the first responders who mobilized quickly and effectively to be ready for what less than 48 hours ago was predicted to be a Category 3 hurricane. Federal, state and local officials, the Red Cross, the National Guard and State Police, and many others were all terrific. I thank them all.