For Immediate Release - August 12, 2010


Funding to support harbor and coastal infrastructure improvements

ROCKPORT - Thursday, August 12, 2010 - Continuing the Patrick-Murray Administration's efforts to improve infrastructure and support communities across the Commonwealth, Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray today announced a $220,000 grant, awarded by the Seaport Advisory Council, to support improvements along the harbor and coastline in Rockport. Following the announcement, Lieutenant Governor Murray joined state and local officials for a tour of the project site and discussed the impact of these improvements to Rockport and the surrounding communities.

"By partnering with local communities, our Administration continues to invest in infrastructure improvements that will benefit municipalities as well as foster regional economic growth," said Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray, chair of the Seaport Advisory Council. "Today's announced funding is a critical component for infrastructure improvements in Rockport that will help sustain the commercial fishing and recreational boating industries, which are crucial to the local economy."

The project will include sounding and engineering reviews of Pigeon Cove, Rockport Harbor, Rockport Old Harbor and Granite Harbor, as well as condition reviews of various coastal structures and conceptual options for potential repair and reconstruction. These reviews will help the Town of Rockport assess the condition of its harbor and coastal infrastructure, and determine estimates for potential repairs.

"Rockport values the beauty and function of its harbors, but has been financially unable to correct the storm damage and deterioration that has occurred over the years. Consequently, we are extremely grateful to Lt. Governor Murray and the Massachusetts Seaport Advisory Council for supporting our request to identify the specific conditions that require restoration," said Linda Sanders, Town Administrator of Rockport.

"These monies are instrumental and essential to both maintaining the functional value of Rockport harbor and her local economy as well as her harbor's world-renowned beauty and character. I commend the Patrick-Murray Administration's commitment to our seaports, and their willingness to invest these much needed dollars in our community," said Representative Ann-Margaret Ferrante.

The total cost of the project will be $220,000 and will come from the state's Energy and Environmental Bond Bill, which was created to fund land, parks and clean energy projects across the Commonwealth. It includes funding for land protection and acquisition, and to enhance state parks and rebuild related infrastructure. The bond bill also authorizes new programs to address environmental challenges.

The Seaport Advisory Council, Chaired by Lieutenant Governor Murray, consists of 15 members including cabinet secretaries, agency heads, mayors from seaport communities, and regional and waterway user representatives. Under the Patrick-Murray Administration, the Seaport Council has allocated over $30 million to projects in Massachusetts to enhance and develop the commercial aspects of the ports and harbors in the Commonwealth's coastal communities.