For Immediate Release - June 07, 2010


Event also marks opening of rehabilitated Ward Bath House

NAHANT - Monday, June 7, 2010 - Governor Deval Patrick today joined Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) Secretary Ian Bowles, Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) Commissioner Richard K. Sullivan Jr., area legislators, local elected officials and community groups to celebrate the opening of the newly rehabilitated Ward Bath House and the start of construction on the Nahant Causeway in the Nahant Beach Reservation.

"This project will not only create jobs but preserve and maintain a historic roadway," said Governor Patrick.

The Nahant Beach Reservation is a narrow, 1.5-mile stretch of beach connecting the town of Nahant to the city of Lynn and the mainland at the Lynn rotary. Improvements to the previously closed Ward Bath House, which serves the Lynn Shore and Nahant Beach reservations, include asbestos and lead abatement, a new roof, plumbing and electrical repairs, new doors, and improvements to the patio area. The total cost of this project was $628,000.

Nahant Road, a four-lane divided roadway for most of its length, runs the length of the Reservation. Rehabilitation of the roadway will improve sightlines and vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns at the Reservation entrance and exit, will upgrade drainage systems, and will repair the seawall. The Patrick-Murray Administration has approved $20 million in capital funds for the rehabilitation. Construction is expected to start this spring and be completed in spring 2013.

"The improvements to the roadway and beach facilities will bring lasting benefits to these communities and the visitors who come to enjoy the reservations each year," said Secretary Bowles.

In 2002, as part of an initiative to enhance and protect the state's historic parkways, the Nahant Causeway was listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the Massachusetts Historical Commission. The proposed rehabilitation is meant to build on that listing, strengthening the roadway's character, utility and safety.

"We thank Governor Patrick very much for making this funding possible and allowing this project to go forward," said Commissioner Sullivan. "The renovated bath house and improved causeway will improve not only safety and functional issues in the Reservation, but also its visual quality and character. We also appreciate the support of the Friends of Lynn and Nahant Beach and input from the public, which has helped us a great deal in developing these plans."

"These two projects are the result of many years of hard work and collaboration," said Sen. Thomas McGee. "As a member of the Beaches Commission in 2006, I had an opportunity to visit and tour the Ward Bath House with my fellow commissioners. It was clear that the bath house needed a major renovation, which led to the Commission recommending this investment in their final report. Additionally, after working closely with the Nahant community as well as state and local officials, we were able to advance this project, which will provide a safe and attractive entranceway to the Town. I am very pleased that the administration has shown their strong support and that these projects are now becoming a reality."

"This is great news for Nahant and for all the residents of the North Shore who use the Nahant Beach Reservation," said Rep. Steve Walsh. "These improvements to the Ward Bath House and the Causeway show the commitment of Gov. Patrick and his administration to improving our most prized natural resource and will lead to increased accessibility and use as we begin our summer season."