For Immediate Release - October 05, 2010


BOSTON - Tuesday, October 05, 2010 - The following is a statement of Governor Deval Patrick relative to the Senate Republicans blocking the distribution of Federal ARRA funds.

"Republican electioneering on Beacon Hill has reached a new low. While we try to avert plans to close prisons and group homes for people with profound disabilities, Richard Tisei makes baseless insinuations about looming post-election tax increases. These charges are both ridiculous and irresponsible. Had he shown a modicum of interest in state finances before his campaign, he would know that we have cut billions in state spending in order to invest in job creation, education and health care. We made those choices to spur exactly the kind of growth we are getting -- a record level of job creation and a strong pace to recovery. Tisei should not let his obsession with his political campaign interfere with the responsible discharge of the people's business."


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