For Immediate Release - May 20, 2010


BOSTON - Thursday, May 20, 2010 - The Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development reported today that the state unemployment rate declined from 9.3 percent in March to 9.2 percent in April. The Massachusetts economy added 19,100 jobs in April, the single largest monthly gain in 17 years. The labor force grew for the fourth consecutive month, as construction, scientific, financial and several other sectors reported significant job gains. The following is a statement from Governor Deval Patrick on last month's jobs figures:

"With 19,000 new jobs in April, Massachusetts had the single biggest monthly gain in 17 years. We are on the mend and on the move. Since day one, we have focused on investing in the projects and industries that put people to work right now and make the Commonwealth stronger for the long-term. The significant gains we're seeing in the construction, scientific, financial and manufacturing sectors show that our strategy is working. Still, I understand that positive statistics mean little to the person who is out of work and looking for a job. For them and for our future, we will keep pushing."