For Immediate Release - October 24, 2011


Continues Patrick-Murray Administration efforts to strengthen foreign partnerships and economic ties to bring investment and jobs to Massachusetts

Meeting with Ambassador of Portugal to the United States

Ambassador Nuno Brito meets with Governor Deval Patrick in his office. (Photo credit: Matt Bennett/Governor’s Office)

BOSTON -- Monday, October 24, 2011 -- Governor Deval Patrick today met with Ambassador of Portugal to the United States Nuno Brito at the State House. The meeting builds on the Patrick-Murray Administration’s commitment to strengthening foreign partnerships, economic ties and job growth opportunities with countries across the world.  

Massachusetts is home to large and diverse Portuguese populations, including Portuguese speaking communities such as  Azoreans, Brazilians and Cape Verdeans. It is one of only two states in the U.S. in which Portuguese is spoken more than Spanish. In 2010, Massachusetts exported approximately $25 million in good to Portugal, while imported $51 million from the country.

Ambassador Brito has served in his role since February, 2011. Prior to serving as Ambassador, Brito held many positions in Portuguese government, including: cabinet of the minister of foreign affairs, chief of the cabinet of the secretary of defense, deputy permanent representative of Portugal at the United Nations and principal diplomatic advisor to the prime minister. Since 2005, Ambassador Brito has also served as director general for European affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, co-chair of the Luso-Spanish Commission for Trans-border Cooperation, counselor of the Portuguese Economic and Social Council, political director at Portugal's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and co-chair of the U.S.-Portuguese Standing Bilateral Commission.


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