For Immediate Release - November 09, 2012


$10.2 million for Chicopee, Easthampton, Holyoke and Springfield

EASTHAMPTON – Friday, November 9, 2012 – Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray today joined state and local officials at Lower Mill Pond Park in Easthampton to highlight $10.2 million in MassWorks Infrastructure Program grants for projects in Chicopee, Easthampton, Holyoke and Springfield. The awards are four of the 26 grants, totaling more than $38 million, announced by the Patrick-Murray Administration today.

The grants, which represent major investments in three of the region's Gateway Cities, include $1.68 million for infrastructure improvements which support the redevelopment of the former Facemate and Uniroyal Brownfields site into housing and a senior center in Chicopee; $2.7 million in improvements to support continued mill redevelopment efforts in Easthampton; $2 million for development of a train station in Holyoke along the Knowledge Corridor/Vermonter Line; and $3.865 million in Springfield that will support new development in the Springfield Technology Park and support a community-lead effort for an urban supermarket in an under-served area.

“The MassWorks program is a key part of our growth strategy of investing in education, innovation and infrastructure to create jobs and spur economic development,” said Governor Deval Patrick. “By partnering with municipalities, these MassWorks projects will strengthen communities for generations to come.”

“Our Administration continues to partner with cities and towns as we invest in local infrastructure, create jobs, and support economic growth,” said Lieutenant Governor Murray. “By working with the communities through the MassWorks Infrastructure Program, we are paving the way for future opportunities that will advance economic development and help build a stronger future for the Commonwealth."

The $3.865 million in funding for Springfield will open up a parcel of property near the Springfield Technology Park that will be used to build a full-service grocery store to serve the neighborhoods of Mason Square, Upper Hill, McKnight, Six Corners and Metro Center, an area underserved by supermarkets currently. The funding to the Springfield Technical Community College Assistance Corporation will also allow for the demolition of a building to create a 350-spot parking lot at the Springfield Technology Park, and will allow the Assistance Corporation to renovate two buildings at the Technology Park in the near future, creating 65,000 square feet of rehabilitated space.

In Easthampton, $2.75 million will be used to support the effort by the City and mill owners to redevelop the Pleasant Street Mills into a vibrant, mixed-use community. The project, supported by the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission through its Valley Vision 2011 update, includes new water mains and burying electrical lines to improve fire suppression and emergency vehicle access to the area. The project will support mill owners in their efforts to further redevelop the Pleasant Street Mills and in the development of 132,000 square feet of mill space for restaurant and commercial space, along with the creation of 54 new units of rental housing.

“I'm gratified that Easthampton has been awarded this critical infrastructure funding," said Representative John Sciback. "I applaud both Governor Patrick and Mayor Tautznik for their commitment to the Lower Mills Pond area. Coupled with private investment, this award ensures the further development of the Pleasant Street corridor and continued growth in Easthampton.”

"This project will continue our efforts in support of the redevelopment of Easthampton’s historic mill district," said Easthampton Mayor Michael Tautznik.

The $2 million awarded to Holyoke’s Depot Square project, also supported by the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, will fund the construction of a new train station on Dwight Street that will become a stop on the Knowledge Corridor/Vermonter restoration rail line project. Passenger service is expected to start in Spring 2014 to the location, which will include pick-up and drop-off areas, and updated roads, sidewalks and lighting on Dwight Street as part of the project.

In Chicopee, $1,683,997 will be part of a new development at the RiverMills at Chicopee Falls, a 64-acre site which includes the former Facemate and Uniroyal properties. Infrastructure work will include utility and road improvements for Phase 1 of the redevelopment. Phase 1 includes a new senior center, private development of 46 housing units, and the creation of public open spaces. This site was designated a Brownfields Support Team site by Lieutenant Governor Murray in 2010, and the project is consistent with the Pioneer Valley’s regional plan.

“This $1.6 million state investment facilitates construction of Chicopee’s new senior center, as well as new housing and retail space, all of which promises to promote economic development in Chicopee Falls,” said Representative Joseph F. Wagner , House chairman of the legislature’s Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies. “The state has invested substantially in Chicopee in recent years, and our continued partnership is essential to promoting economic growth and creating jobs.”

The MassWorks Program is administered by the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development (EOHED), and is a consolidation of six capital budget programs that were combined by the Patrick-Murray Administration in 2011 and codified by law as a single MassWorks Program in the Jobs Bill signed by the Governor in August 2012. EOHED has established clear goals for the use of the funds, and prioritizes projects for Gateway Cities and town centers where communities have planned ahead for new housing and commercial growth that create exceptional benefit for the community, region and Commonwealth. 

Through the MassWorks Program, the Patrick-Murray Administration partners with cities and towns to make targeted investments in infrastructure such as roadways, streetscapes, water, and sewer to facilitate and support new and sustained housing and economic growth throughout Massachusetts. The MassWorks Program infrastructure investments are targeted to projects that require the infrastructure upgrades or expansion in order for new growth to take place.

“One of the main goals of the Patrick-Murray Administration’s long-term economic development plan is empowering communities and regions to create development and job-creation opportunities,” said Greg Bialecki, the Secretary of Housing and Economic Development. “MassWorks helps us accomplish that goal by targeting investments where they maximize new opportunities and can be best used by a wide range of interests.”

The grants are the second round of funding under the consolidated MassWorks program. The Patrick-Murray Administration approved 26 grants totaling more than $38 million, after receiving 130 applications for more than $323 million in infrastructure improvement requests. For more information, visit the MassWorks website.

This year’s application was the second under the consolidated system, and generated 130 applications for more than $323 million infrastructure requests. The Patrick-Murray Administration approved the following 26 projects for funding:

Ashland, Cold Spring Brook Infrastructure Improvement Project – $365,000 for increasing the Cold Spring Brook sewer pipeline and connecting it to the Chestnut Street Pump Station. The improvements support future growth within the Rail Transit District, which is located within a quarter-mile of the Ashland commuter rail station and was identified as a State Priority Development Area in the 495/MetroWest Development Compact.

Ayer, Rail Trail Commuter Parking Improvements – $266,667 to be used as matching funds to be combined with Town and Montachusett Regional Transit Authority funds to utilize a $3.2 million federal earmark. The combined funds will be used for the redevelopment of the current parking facility in the Town’s central business district. The project received support letters from the Towns of Groton and Townsend.

Beverly, Brimbal Avenue Interchange Improvement Project – $500,000 to support design and permitting assistance to the City of Beverly for the first phase of the Brimbal Avenue Interchange Project, which will include widening a section of Brimbal Avenue and building a connector road between Brimbal Avenue and Sohier Road. The project is strongly supported by the North Shore Alliance for Economic Development and is included in the Metropolitan Area Planning Council’s 2011 North Shore Regional Strategic Plan.

Blandford, Reclamation and Safety Improvements Project – $500,000 to support the reconstruction of Otis-Tolland Road, Curtis Hall Road and Moreau Road in the Town of Blandford. These roads are utilized by three towns and the project will improve public safety for local and regional commuters as well as the tourists who visit the area throughout the year.

Boston, Jackson Square Infrastructure Development Project – $1.6 million to provide funding for roadway and parking improvements to support redevelopment opportunities in the Jackson Square neighborhood of Boston. This project is supported by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council’s MetroFuture Plan.

Brockton, Enterprise Block Redevelopment Phase I – $4 million will support the acquisition of the Enterprise Block by the City of Brockton. Funds will also be used to demolish the Gardner Building and prepare the site for future development. This project is part of a larger redevelopment to create new office, retail and residential units on this block in the heart of Downtown Brockton.

Buckland, Clesson Brook Road Project – $971,053 will repair a portion of Clesson Brook Road in need of immediate attention as a result of damages caused by Tropical Storm Irene. The MassWorks Award will complement approximately $4.1 million in federal funding for repairs in the project area.

Burlington, Middlesex Turnpike Transportation Improvement Project – $1 million will be used to support roadway improvements to Middlesex Turnpike, Second Avenue and South Avenue to support the consolidation of Keurig Company’s current Massachusetts workforce to this site.

Chelsea, Chelsea Gateway Center Infrastructure Improvements Plan Phase II – $1.5 million will support the replacement of water main, sewer separation and roadway and sidewalk repairs. These upgrades further the long-term redevelopment efforts in Chelsea’s Everett Avenue Urban Renewal District as well as support the Chelsea One North 230 market-rate housing development project which is expected to break ground before the end of 2012.

Chicopee, RiverMills at Chicopee Falls/Phase I Redevelopment Improvements – $1,683,997 will provide roadway and utility construction to support new development at the RiverMills at Chicopee Falls, a 64-acre site which encompasses the former Facemate and Uniroyal properties. The project is consistent with the Pioneer Valley’s Regional Plan.

East Brookfield, Route 9 Embankment and Lake Lashaway Dam Rehabilitation – $594,400 will fund necessary repairs to the Lashaway Dam. The dam, now at risk of failing, supports Route 9, which carries an average of 17,500 vehicles per day. The award will complement over $800,000 in repairs made by MassDOT to the dam’s bridge.

Easthampton, Pleasant Street Mills Infrastructure Improvements – $2.75 million will support the ongoing effort by City and Mill owners to redevelop the Pleasant Street Mills into a vibrant, mixed-use community. The project is supported by the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission and is included in the Valley Vision 2011 update.

Fall River, Robb Way Extension Project – $580,500 will fund the extension of Robb Way roadway, utilities, and pedestrian amenities which will become the primary entrance for the John Matouk & Co. manufacturing facility. The company plans to create a repositioned corporate campus including renovations of the company’s current 30,000 square-foot facility and the development of a new, 50,000 square-foot manufacturing facility at the site.

Haverhill, Merrimack Street Improvement Project – $4 million to create the public infrastructure improvements needed to support the redevelopment of the Merrimack Street in Downtown Haverhill. This grant will complement a 2011 MassWorks grant in this area of Haverhill and will help extend the momentum of economic development and employment opportunities generated from the designated Growth District eastward towards the Merrimack Street corridor*.*

Holyoke, Depot Square Project – $2 million will support the construction of a new passenger station on Dwight Street in Holyoke, which will become a stop on the Knowledge Corridor-Vermonter Restoration Rail Line project. This project is supported by the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission and was identified in the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission’s Valley Vision 2 Plan.

Hull, Nantasket Avenue Revitalization Project – $1,955,486 million will be used to rebuild Nantasket Avenue. The project will include a “Complete Streets” approach and will support redevelopment along Nantasket Avenue including the potential for an estimated 217,000 square feet of commercial space and 330 residences.

Marion, Village Area Roadway Safety Improvements – $1 million in MassWorks funding will complement $1.33 million committed by the Town of Marion for the reconstruction of Ryder Lane and South Street. This MassWorks project is supported by the Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District.

Milton, Milton Villages Streetscape Improvement Project – $1 million will support streetscape improvements which will connect two Milton Villages, located at the Central Avenue and Milton trolley stations. The project will support current and proposed transit-oriented development, housing construction and new retail in the Villages.

Natick, Kansas Street Improvements – $1.5 million will make needed roadway and utility improvements from the Kansas Street intersection at North Main Street (Route 27) to the gated entry way at US Army Natick Soldier Systems Center. The intersection improvements are necessary to accommodate both current and future traffic volumes, will support the NCCS and enhance vehicular and pedestrian access to the nearby Paper Board Redevelopment Project, a Smart Growth and 40R project. $1 million from the Patrick-Murray Administration’s previously released Capitol Plan will be added to complete this project.

New Marlborough, Bridge Restoration Project – $500,000 will support the rehabilitation of the Foley Bridge, which is part of Canaan Southfield Road. Currently, the bridge is at risk of closure due its poor condition. Closure of the bridge would impact emergency response, access to local businesses, access to local and regional community services and shopping.

North Adams, Heritage State Park Improvement Project – $881,488 is targeted to the redevelopment of the Heritage State Park including improvements to the park entrance, upgrades to the park's landscaping, pedestrian access improvements between the Park and MassMoCA and downtown North Adams. The project is supported by the Berkshire Regional Planning Agency’s “Sustainable Berkshires” plan which is currently in process.

Paxton, Davis Hill Road Culvert – $200,000 will replace an existing deteriorated wood, short-span bridge with a precast concrete culvert within the right of way on Davis Hill Road in Paxton. These improvements will increase public safety for Paxton’s residents, neighboring communities and allow trucks to utilize the roadway.

Plymouth, Plymouth 400 Celebration Infrastructure Improvements – $1.5 million will support infrastructure improvements in the Downtown/Harbor District to spur economic development and make improvements in preparation of the 400th Anniversary of the arrival of the Mayflower in 1620.

Springfield, Springfield Technology Park and Mason Sq. Neighborhood Infrastructure Improvement Project – $3.865 million will provide funding to the Springfield Technical Community College Assistance Corporation (STCC-AC) to demolish a warehouse in the Springfield Technology Park for the creation of 350 parking spaces. The parking area will allow STCC-AC to release a parcel of land outside the Technology Park that is being targeted for a grocery store to serve the neighborhoods of Mason Square, Upper Hill, McKnight, Six Corners and Metro Center.

Taunton, Downtown Infrastructure Improvement Project Phase II – $1,280,750 award will support Phase II streetscape improvements in Downtown Taunton. The City funded construction of Phase I and has identified funding for the design and engineering for the Phase II improvements. Downtown Taunton has been identified as a State Priority Development Area in the South Coast Rail Land Use and Economic Development Corridor Plan.

Ware, Industrial Sewer Treatment Expansion – $2.5 million in MassWorks support will complement $1 million committed by the Town of Ware and a $1 million pledge by Kanzaki Specialty Paper (KSP) towards the proposed upgrades to a tertiary treatment system at the Town of Ware's wastewater treatment facility.  In addition, KSP will invest an additional estimated $1.5 million for a flow equalization tank on their property to control flows from their facility to the Ware wastewater treatment facility. The project represents a Public-Private partnership which will increase sewer capacity by mitigating current treatment issues generated by KSP and allow KSP to expand production at their facility, as well as attract additional businesses to Ware.


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