For Immediate Release - December 18, 2012


BOSTON – Tuesday, December 18, 2012 – Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray, Chair of the Governor’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Advisory Council, hosted Reinier Moquete, Founder and President of the Latino STEM Alliance, yesterday at the Massachusetts State House.

“Governor Patrick and I are committed to ensuring equal opportunity and success for all students in Massachusetts,” said Lieutenant Governor Murray. “As we work towards closing the achievement gap in our schools, we need to also encourage students of diverse backgrounds to study and pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. We are collaborating with organizations and stakeholders across the state to promote STEM education, and the Latino STEM Alliance continues to be an engaged partner in support of these efforts especially among underrepresented minority students in Massachusetts.”

The Governor’s STEM Advisory Council consisted of six subcommittees in 2010 to help draft the Commonwealth’s first statewide STEM Plan known as the Massachusetts Plan for Excellence in STEM Education. Among the six subcommittees included the Diversity Subcommittee: Reducing the Achievement Gap and Pursuing Additional STEM Opportunities for Women and Minorities. Reinier Moquete, Founder and President of the Latino STEM Alliance, served on the Diversity Subcommittee and joined Lieutenant Governor Murray for yesterday’s meeting at the State House.

“Latino STEM Alliance partners with schools, private industry, community groups, and academia to bring hands-on STEM enrichment programs to underserved youth who would otherwise not have such an opportunity,” said Reinier Moquete, Founder and President of the Latino STEM Alliance. “LSA has been engaged with Lt. Governor Tim Murray and Director David Cedrone since 2010 as part of the Diversity Sub-Committee of the Governor's STEM Advisory Council. Most recently, we've been asked to join the Council's Operations Board where we will continue advocating for resources specifically targeted at underserved communities. To grow the STEM pipeline we need private industry to stop viewing STEM programs as a ‘community outreach’ activity but rather as a strategic investment in their human capital supply chain. Cultural alignment and an understanding of the unique needs of underserved communities will play a big role in the success of those investments.”

To engage all students and especially underrepresented minorities throughout every aspect of the state’s STEM Plan, the Council focuses on recommendations to expand partnerships, increase exposure and awareness, provide after-school programs and enrichment, and support mentoring and role modeling. 

As a partner of the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council, the Latino STEM Alliance (LSA) works with schools, private industry, community groups, and academia to bring STEM to underserved youth who would otherwise not have such an opportunity.  LSA identifies existing and successful STEM enrichment programs by researching the national landscape. The organization brings the programs to partnering schools and community groups and delivers the activities to the youth they serve, at their facility. The goal of LSA is to enable underserved youth to experience hands-on STEM enrichment activities in order to inspire them to consider STEM related careers.

In addition to embracing diversity, the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council focuses on six overall goals:

  1. Increase student interest in STEM;
  2. Increase STEM achievement of PreK-12 students;
  3. Increase the percentage of students who demonstrate readiness for college-level study in STEM fields;
  4. Increase the number of students who graduate from a post-secondary institution with a degree in a STEM field;
  5. Increase the number/percentage of STEM classes led by effective educators, from PreK-16; and
  6. Align STEM education programs with the workforce needs of key economic sectors.

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