For Immediate Release - March 28, 2012


Murray’s proposal to support a properly equipped and manned U.S. Coast Guard successfully passed at the Federal-State Relations Meeting of the National Lieutenant Governors Association

BOSTON – Wednesday, March 28, 2012 – Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray joined Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll of Florida in presenting a bipartisan resolution to support and recognize the value of a properly equipped and manned U.S. Coast Guard at last week's National Lieutenant Governors Association (NLGA) Annual Federal-State Relations Meeting held in Washington, D.C. The resolution was unanimously approved.

Lieutenant Governor Murray’s co-sponsorship of a “Resolution in Support of a Properly Equipped and Manned U.S. Coast Guard” is in line with the Patrick-Murray Administration’s commitment to protect and promote Massachusetts military installations. Lieutenant Governor Murray currently chairs the Military Asset and Security Strategy Task Force which is working across state agencies and with stakeholders to develop, coordinate and implement actions in the areas of workforce training, infrastructure improvements, environmental and utility savings, housing and transportation to support the missions at military bases across the Commonwealth, including Coast Guard facilities.  

“We remain clear-eyed in Massachusetts that there will be federal defense budget cuts implemented across the country. However, we need to continue to ensure our military facilities, including Coast Guard facilities, are equipped with the right infrastructure, equipment and resources to protect our maritime economy and national security,” said Lieutenant Governor Murray. “I thank my colleagues in the NLGA for working together to encourage our federal partners to recognize the value of the U.S. Coast Guard and continue to protect the efforts made each and every day by Coast Guard men and women in Massachusetts and across the country.” 

“The U.S. Coast Guard plays a tremendous role in our maritime safety and security. Florida has several Coast Guard bases and is a major military infrastructure in our state,” said Lieutenant Governor Carroll of Florida. “It is imperative that we recognize the brave men and women in the U.S. Coast Guard who protect our nation and I thank Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray for joining me in sponsoring this important Resolution.” 

The resolution supports shore infrastructure improvements, as well as investments to replace the U.S. Coast Guard’s aged assets including cutters, boats, aircraft, command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems. With these investments, the U.S. Coast Guard will maintain its foundational capabilities to achieve mission objectives and maintain the highest state of readiness today and into the future.

In Massachusetts, the U.S. Coast Guard operates out of many facilities including Boston, Woods Hole and the Massachusetts Military Reservation on Cape Cod. With 2,800 miles of coastline in Massachusetts, the state’s economy also relies heavily on local port economies including the import and export of goods along our marine highways. Across the country, the U.S. Coast Guard plays a tremendous role in the nation’s inland waters, ports, coastal regions and far offshore areas of operations. The U.S. Coast Guard protects those on the sea by responding to maritime disasters, performing search and rescue, protecting our nation from threats delivered from the sea, regulating transportation of hazardous cargo and protecting living marine and natural resources.  

Lieutenant Governor Murray currently serves as chair-elect of the NLGA and in July 2012 will assume the position as chairman. Vice President Joe Biden helped to kick-off the three-day NLGA meeting last week, which included a series of panels and discussions focused on the budgets of the states and territories and on a range of issues from housing and increasing effectiveness to the costs and reliability of energy to constituents. The meetings also featured discussions on international trade and investment. 

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