For Immediate Release - June 21, 2012


Seaport Advisory Council held second meeting of the year; approved funding for three major seaport and economic development projects in Gloucester, Lynn and Salem

LYNN – Thursday, June 21, 2012 – Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray, chair of the Seaport Advisory Council, today announced $5,102,000 to support infrastructure improvements in Salem, Lynn and Gloucester.  

“Massachusetts’ seaport communities have unique assets and individual needs that we must address to support local and regional economic growth,” said Lieutenant Governor Murray. “As we continue to invest in cities and towns across the state, today’s Council meeting demonstrates another step forward for many of our seaport communities including Salem, Lynn, and Gloucester. Our Administration will continue to work with these and all communities to advance economic development initiatives and support needed job opportunities in all regions of the Commonwealth.” 

During the meeting, Lieutenant Governor Murray introduced each project, which will boost local economies, the North Shore region and Massachusetts’ seaport communities. Lieutenant Governor Murray was accompanied by a 15-member council including cabinet secretaries, agency heads, mayors from seaport communities and regional and waterway user representatives. 

The $5,102,000 approved by the Seaport Advisory Council includes: 

  • $1,750,000 awarded to the City of Salem to support Phase III of the Blaney Street Wharf Project. As part of the Salem Harbor Plan, approved and funded by the Seaport Advisory Council, Salem plans to construct the second 100 foot section of the pier, conduct the next phase of dredging, finalize paving and landscaping, and add electrical services on site. Approved funding will also support plans to engineer, permit and construct pedestrian access that will connect the new Salem Wharf with an adjacent deep-water berthing facility. 
  • $3,227,000 awarded to the City of Lynn to support the Blossom Street Boat Ramp Reconstruction Project. In collaboration with Lynn’s Economic Development and Industrial Corporation, the reconstruction project will substantially enhance the Blossom Street Waterfront Facility as part of the city’s long-term economic goals including the development of ferry docking facilities and commuter ferry service to Boston.  
  • $125,000 awarded to the City of Gloucester to support the Gloucester Harbor Plan & Designated Port Area (DPA) Master Plan Renewal. As the city continues to explore new market drivers for the working port and support its anchor fishing industry, today’s awarded funds will assist with the development of the Harbor Plan and DPA Master Plan critical to the seaport community’s economic development initiatives.

The meeting in Lynn was the second Seaport Advisory Council meeting of the year. For each project presented today, municipal officials detailed plans for infrastructure improvements and economic development.  Approval of these projects will provide immediate construction and engineering jobs and also foster long-term economic growth in the communities and region.  

Funding for projects approved by the Seaport Advisory Council is supported by the Energy and Environmental Bond Bill, approved by the legislature and authorized by Governor Patrick in 2008. Under the Patrick-Murray Administration, the Seaport Advisory Council has allocated over $50 million to projects in Massachusetts to enhance and develop the commercial aspects of the ports and harbors in the Commonwealth’s coastal communities. Earlier this year, approved projects included improvements in Chatham, Scituate, Fall River, Chilmark and Provincetown.  


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