For Immediate Release - May 02, 2013


29 Community College, State University and UMass Graduates awarded at State House

BOSTON – Thursday, May 2, 2013 – Governor Deval Patrick today presented the 29 Who Shine Awards, recognizing 29 public college and university students for their academic achievements and civic contributions to the Commonwealth. The students, one from each of the state’s 29 community college, state university and UMass campuses, demonstrate how the Commonwealth’s public college and university graduates are poised to contribute to the civic and economic well-being of the state. 

"Each one of these students has a remarkable story to tell," said Governor Patrick. "Collectively, they remind us that investing in them is investing in our future.”

Each of the Commonwealth’s 29 public college and university campuses selected its own student honoree for the 29 Who Shine Awards based on criteria established by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education. Students considered for the recognition needed to demonstrate a strong academic record, have made a contribution to the civic well-being of the Commonwealth, and be Massachusetts residents who intend to remain in the state upon graduation.

“These 29 students represent the best the Commonwealth has to offer,” said Secretary of Education Matthew Malone. “By making a commitment to their education and to the communities where they live these students make Massachusetts a better place to live now and will certainly help strengthen the economic future of all our cities and towns.”

This year’s honorees include five students who have created non-profit organizations and/or small businesses in their local communities, and one student who hopes to market computer inventions for which he holds patents. One-third of the students will graduate with degrees in high-demand fields for which Massachusetts has a critical need for employees, such as the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), health care and finance sectors. An additional one-third of the group are adult students, age 25 or older. Four are parents.

“Our data tell us that one year after graduation, nine out of every ten public college and university students remain here in Massachusetts, living and working or furthering their studies,” said Commissioner of Higher Education Richard M. Freeland. “These students truly represent the future citizenry and workforce of the state. They are very high caliber, a sign that our future appears to be in good hands.”

Each of the student honorees has chosen a faculty or staff mentor who provided them with motivational support and guidance on campus. These mentors will be honored at a luncheon in the Great Hall of Flags, sponsored by the Massachusetts Teachers Association, to be held immediately after the awards ceremony.

Across the state, publishers of more than a dozen daily newspapers will honor the 29 Who Shine with donated full and half-page advertisements scheduled to run on May 2. Additionally, Clear Channel Communications, owners of JAM’N 94.5 and KISS-108 radio stations in Boston, has donated free radio advertising during the month of April to honor the students.

Student profiles, photos and campus contact information can be accessed here.

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