For Immediate Release - July 11, 2013


Bill includes funding for summer jobs for at-risk youth; snow and ice removal costs

BOSTON – Thursday, July 11, 2013 -- Governor Deval Patrick will today sign a $125 million supplemental budget bill pdf format of Full Supplemental Budget
file size 1MB that includes funding for summer jobs for at-risk youth in communities across the Commonwealth, additional funding to pay for last winter’s snow and ice removal costs and funding to reimburse cities and town for costs associated with the June 25th Senate special election, among other items.

“This funding, especially for summer jobs for at risk youth and for cities and towns, will keep our Commonwealth moving forward,” said Governor Patrick. “I thank the Legislature for taking action.”


Key items in this bill include:

  • $10 M for summer jobs for at-risk youth;
  • $55.7 M for snow and ice removal costs from the winter of 2012/2013;
  • $18.2 M to fund Committee for Public Service Counsel (CPCS) caseload costs;
  • $13.6 M for state and municipal costs related to the U.S. Senate special election in June; and
  • $8 M to reimburse municipalities for Charter School enrollment


  1. The Governor is supporting sections in the bill associated with photo identification requirements on EBT cards, but is returning those sections with an amendment to require the Department of Transitional Assistance pdf format of For Amendment: Certain Existing Appropriations
, in conjunction with the Offices of the Inspector General and Auditor, to conduct a review of this measure’s effectiveness and report back to the Legislature in three years. The Governor will also be seeking $2.5 million in a FY14 supplemental budget recommendation to fund implementation of the photo ID requirement, as no dedicated source of funding for the measure was included in this bill.  


The Governor is also proposing to amend the ambulance provider reimbursement section of the bill pdf format of Supplemental Budget Ambulance Payments
to include guidelines on reasonable charges for emergency ambulance services.

In addition, the Governor vetoed $7.3 million  pdf format of Supplemental Budget Vetoes
in non-essential spending included in the bill. 

Transportation Finance Amendment pdf format of Transportation Finance Amendment
file size 2MB

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