For Immediate Release - September 27, 2013


Zanetti School exits Level 4 or “Underperforming” status and moves to level 1 as a result of this year’s MCAS scores

SPRINGFIELD- Friday, September 27, 2013 – Governor Deval Patrick today visited Alfred G. Zanetti Montessori School to celebrate the school’s rapid gains in student achievement. The school this year made significant progress on the MCAS exams, which will allow the school to exit Level 4 or “underperforming” status and enter level 1, the highest designation possible.

"The Zanetti School is a tangible example of the success we're are seeing statewide on this year's MCAS exams as a result of the Achievement Gap Act and a renewed sense of commitment from the teachers, administrators and staff here," said Governor Patrick. "I commend the Zanetti School on its most recent success, and continue to hope for a bright future for our schools that are still struggling to reach these results."

After the results of this year’s MCAS results were finalized, 14 out of 34 schools designated as "underperforming" or Level 4 in 2010 will exit that status after meeting their three-year turnaround goals.

"I am excited to learn about the progress at the schools exiting level 4, underperforming status," said Secretary of Education Matthew Malone. "These schools give us great insight into what works to turnaround a school that needs additional support. I give great credit to the teachers and staff who are doing the most important and difficult work in America today."

“ I not only commend Superintendent Daniel Warwick and his team but especially our teachers, students and parents, who not only believed in the turnaround concept but more importantly partnered in its tremendous success,” said Mayor Domenic Sarno. “Just ask School Committee Vice Chairman Peter Murphy whose children have attended Zanetti School. Now let us keep the momentum going citywide.” 

"An achievement of this significance does not occur without outstanding leadership, dedicated staff, committed parents and hardworking kids," said Superintendent of Schools Daniel Warwick. "We consider this a highlight of our many success stories."

The state's landmark Achievement Gap Act of 2010 provided the necessary framework and tools in the state's most persistently low performing schools to support the accelerated improvement of student achievement and a high-functioning learning environment for students within three years. Level 4 schools are both low performing on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) over a four-year period and not showing signs of substantial improvement over that time. Schools designated as Level 4 must develop a turnaround plan for the school and are eligible to receive federal School Redesign Grant funds.

The 14 schools, including the Zanetti School, named underperforming in 2010 that are now exiting Level 4 have successfully met their individual measurable, annual goals over the past three years by increasing student achievement and showing significant progress in implementing conditions at the school and district level for continuing to accelerate improvement.

At the Zanetti School students, teachers and staff exceeded their annual accountability goals and made significant gains in several subject areas. From 2007 to 2013, the percentage of 7th grade students scoring proficient or advanced on the MCAS English Language Arts (ELA) test has increased 55 points to 74 percent. Equally impressive, 6th graders scoring proficient or higher on the MCAS math test has increased 52 points to 65 percent, up from just 13 percent in 2007. Third grade math scores have increased 42 points since 2007, and 5th grade ELA scores have increased 44 points since that same time.

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