For Immediate Release - November 08, 2013


BOSTON – Friday, November 08, 2013 – Governor Deval Patrick today announced that as part of the ongoing renovations and historic preservation efforts throughout the Massachusetts State House, the Executive Office will undergo a systems upgrade and historic renovation project starting in the new year.

The Massachusetts State House is a unique public resource and one of the most significant historical landmarks in the country. The original structure, the Bulfinch Building designed by Charles Bulfinch, is one of the oldest state capitols (1787-1798).  As additional space was needed, the Brigham Annex (1889-1895) and East & West Wings (1913-1917) were constructed totaling over 600,000 square feet. 

This renovation project will focus on replacing old and non-functioning systems within the Executive Office located in the historic Bulfinch building and West Wing. Improvements will include upgrading outdated building systems, many of which have not been touched in nearly 30 years, which will enhance office function and security, achieve energy savings, and provide a safe and accessible environment for staff and visitors. The project will also include a restoration component to preserve the building’s historic integrity for future generations and expand public access to the historic State House balcony and Executive Office lobby.

These upgrades are part of an ongoing effort to modernize, make more accessible and preserve the entirety of the Massachusetts State House. Other recent improvement projects in the State House include restoration of the Bulfinch dome and roof, Phase 1 of the Energy Saving Light Program, repairs to the State House Library, installation of a new fire alarm system and Mass Alert Interconnection pilot program, and accessibility upgrades to Nurse’s Hall. 

This project will improve accessibility throughout the Executive Offices; enhance safety and security throughout the space; modernize outdated and non-functioning mechanical and IT connectivity systems; address deferred maintenance issues that have resulted in structural failures; improve sustainability and energy conservation; and undertake historical restoration and architectural upgrades to improve functionality. 

Key components of this project include:

Safety and Security Upgrades:

  • Installation of sprinklers for life safety and building protection
  • Direct phone and video-conference communication capabilities with MEMA Headquarters, Emergency Bunker and Massport
  • Installation of security cameras throughout Executive Offices

Mechanical Systems Upgrades and Energy Conservation:

  • New HVAC systems with air handling units, fan coil units, ductwork distribution, pumps, meters, and controls for improved functionality, reduced noise, and increased efficiencies
    • New system will have state-of-the-art energy saving features which will achieve an expected cost savings of about $5,000 annually
  • Upgrade electrical/IT/telecom distribution systems and equipment, with exposed wiring to be concealed in walls, to improve functionality and connectivity, allow for wi-fi capabilities and future technology adaptation capabilities
  • Energy efficient, insulated window glazing to reduce heating and cooling loads
  • New lighting controls
  • Low flow plumbing fixtures for water conservation

Improved Accessibility:

  • Installation of accessible ramps throughout the Executive Offices
  • Replace existing stair lifts to ensure ADA compliance

Historic Architectural and Interiors Restoration:

  • Conserve historic spaces, repairing endangered cast plaster and cracks.  The Governor’s Office has the highest historical significance (Level 1 out of 5 levels) and Governor’s Council Chamber (Level 2)
  • Restoration of reception area to original dimensions
  • Restore historic furnishings, where appropriate, or replace, where necessary, in partnership with local craftsmen, manufacturers and student apprentices

The project will be put out to bid on November 13, 2013, with proposals due back for consideration by December 11, 2013.  A General Contractor for the project will be selected by December 18, 2013. DCAM will also be working closely with the Massachusetts Historical Commission throughout the planning and construction process.  Construction on this project will begin in early January, with completion slated for early August 2014. 

Spending on major renovations throughout the State House over the past several years has totaled approximately $110 million.  The total cost for this upgrade and renovation is approximately $9 million, and will be funded through capital dollars.