For Immediate Release - March 11, 2014



Governor Patrick celebrates the Commonwealth's globally recognized Life Sciences and biotech superclusters with a tour of Nuclea Biotechnologies in Pittsfield. (Photo: Eric Haynes / Governor’s Office)

PITTSFIELD – Tuesday, March 11, 2014 – Governor Deval Patrick today toured and visited with workers at Nuclea Biotechnologies, a biotechnology services company that has developed a novel technology platform to improve the efficiency of diagnostics and drug discovery research.

“Thanks to our growth strategy of investing in education, innovation and infrastructure, Massachusetts is now the global leader in the life sciences,” said Governor Patrick. “We’re adding life sciences jobs faster than any other state, and that growth is happening all across the Commonwealth. I congratulate Nuclea Biotechnologies on their accomplishments to date and look forward to seeing what the future holds as they continue to grow."

Headquartered in Pittsfield, with additional operations in Worcester and Cambridge, Nuclea has developed and is commercializing unique diagnostic tests for colon, breast, leukemia, lung and prostate cancer.  Nuclea also performs research leading to novel molecular oncology companion diagnostics for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Under Governor Patrick’s leadership, Massachusetts has emerged as the global leader in life sciences. Through the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC), Massachusetts is investing $1 billion over 10 years in the growth of the state’s life sciences ecosystem. To date, the MLSC has awarded more than $330 million to support life sciences-related capital projects across the state, creating thousands of jobs and more than 1.3 million square feet of new education, research and manufacturing space.

The MLSC awarded $510,775 in tax incentives to Nuclea Biotechnologies earlier this year. The incentive is tied to a commitment by the company of creating 25 new jobs in the Commonwealth by the end of 2014. Nuclea has also participated for the past several years in the MLSC’s Internship Challenge Program.

“I’m honored to host Governor Patrick at Nuclea Biotechnologies,” said Patrick Muraca, President and CEO of Nuclea Biotechnologies. “The Governor has been an incredible ally for the life science industry. The Massachusetts Life Science Center (MLSC) has had a dramatic impact on the proliferation of our industry and is providing great opportunities for future growth. We’re grateful for the recent tax incentive that we received through the MLSC. This award allows us to grow our existing company roughly 30 percent and create new, well-paying jobs in Pittsfield and throughout Massachusetts. Additionally, for the last three years we have participated in the Center’s Internship Challenge Program which has provided a unique opportunity for students in the Berkshires to get hands on experience in the life sciences.”

"We are pleased to support Nuclea Biotechnologies as they continue to expand their operations and employment base in Pittsfield,” said Susan Windham-Bannister, Ph.D., President & CEO of the MLSC. “Nuclea continues to illustrate our message that great science can be found all across the state.  The company is developing important new technologies that address the need for unique diagnostic testing for cancer, and we look forward to a continued partnership as the company moves that important work forward.”

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