Governor Deval L. Patrick
Municipal Health Care Reform Bill Signing
Governor's Council Chambers, State House
Tuesday, July 12, 2011

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Good Morning everyone, thank you all for coming. It is a great day.

We have the opportunity today to sign a bill which balances two very important interests to all of us. First of all, the need to deliver meaningful savings to cities and towns to enable them to maintain services for local residents and at the same time to preserve a meaningful role for labor and determining how those savings will be achieved.

It is fashionable in politics today, I have noticed to bully people; you say more about how you are going to stick it to somebody and that is what seems to attract all the attention, all the media attention, all the excitement about being reformed, so called.

What we have shown here in the Commonwealth time and time again is that we can make change meaningful, lasting, far-reaching change with all of the interest at the table and we have shown it over and over again. We have had labor at the table first round or two of pension reform. We have had teachers work with us on education reform. We have had labor at the table on transportation reform.

And in that same spirit today, we are delivering real savings to cities and towns through a municipal health reform.

I want to thank all of those who have shown the political courage to come to the table and stay at the table to move this bill, the Speaker and the Senate President, all the members of the House and Senate, the mayors and the municipal leaders who have participated from the outside, labor leaders who have come to the table, stayed at the table even at times when they knew the public was saying take it all and take it now.

They understood from the beginning that they needed to be a part of this reform. It is an example, I believe, of what distinguishes our brand and approach to politics in this Commonwealth and I am proud of it. I am proud to stand with all of those who have helped bring this day to bear.