Governor Deval L. Patrick
MOU Signing
La Moneda Presidential Palace, Santiago
Thursday, December 1, 2011

¡Buenas tardes!  Thank you, President Piñera, for your warm welcome.  I am delighted to be with you again.

In September, President Piñera honored us by visiting Massachusetts.  He is no stranger to our state, having earned his Ph. D. from Harvard.  But it was our first occasion to meet and we had such a productive conversation that the President invited us to engage on ways the people of Chile and the people of Massachusetts could work together for our mutual benefit.  Today’s MOU formalizes that commitment. Massachusetts and Chile have much in common.  For both of us, our most valuable natural resources is a high concentration of brainpower.   

Massachusetts and Chile are growing the sectors that rely on this brainpower and a well-educated work force – biotech, life sciences, financial services, clean tech, IT, academia.   Our innovation economies are alive and thriving.  Because of the complementary nature of our two economies and industries, there is opportunity for increased cooperation between Massachusetts and Chile. 

Today, we take a new step to expand our mutual prosperity by leveraging these strengths.  The Memorandum of Understanding the President and I have signed commits us to coordinate efforts and promote collaboration across our innovation economies.  The agreement will strengthen our ties to our partners in Chile and help support job growth in both Massachusetts’ and Chile’s innovation industries.

Under this agreement, our teams through the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, the Executive Office of Education, and the University of Massachusetts, whose several leaders have joined me here today, will work with their counterparts in Chile to carry out the vision of this MOU.  We start that work this afternoon.  We seek increased partnership across the education sectors, to provide new opportunities for students to research and study abroad.  We seek coordination on the clean energy front, smart grids, energy efficiency projects, innovative energy proposals to bring down energy usage and create economic opportunity.  We seek collaboration across the biotechnology sector to better share our resources and ideas across this growing field, and contribute to the improvement of human health.  And we seek educational exchanges to deepen the understanding and expand the skills of our human capital – our greatest strength.

By working together across governments and industries, the private sector and academia, Massachusetts and Chile will win the future.  I look forward to our continued partnership and our continued success.

Muchas gracias y Señor Presidente, Feliz Cumpleaños.