• 06.30.10 - FY11 Budget Signing

    Governor Patrick has signed a $27.6 billion budget for FY11. It includes $457 million in cuts made necessary when Congress failed to allocate additional aid.
  • 03.11.10 - Building Trades Conference

    Below, read Governor Patrick's address to building trades members about his commitment to fair wages and working families.
  • 03.10.10 - Small Business Jobs Bill Testimony

    Read Governor Patrick's testimony on behalf of his Small Business Jobs bill.
  • 02.10.10 - Small Business Jobs Bill

    Governor Patrick unveiled a small business jobs bill. Among other measures, the bill provides tax credits for businesses that create new jobs, eases healthcare and unemployment insurance costs for employers and creates a new organization dedicated to providing businesses with the financial capital and resources they need to grow.
  • 01.21.10 - 2010 State of the Commonwealth Address

    Read Governor Patrick's 2010 State of the Commonwealth address.
  • 05.17.09 - Tufts Commencement

    Governor Patrick's commencement address to Tufts University's graduating class of 2009.
  • 05.16.09 - Bridgewater State Commencement

    Governor Patrick's commencement address to Bridgewater State College's graduating class of 2009.
  • 05.16.09 - Wheaton College Commencement

    Read Governor Patrick’s commencement remarks at Wheaton College in Norton, MA.
  • 04.28.09 - Governor's Revenue Message

    A message from Governor Patrick to the citizens of Massachusetts about the Legislature's sales tax increase proposal.
  • 04.14.09 - Video Message to State Employees

    Read the text of Governor Patrick's video message to state employees.
  • 04.06.09 - Pension Reform Testimony

    Continuing his push for comprehensive pension reform, Governor Deval Patrick testified today before the Joint Committee on Public Service's hearing on pension bills, outlining a number of steps officials can take to strengthen the rules governing public retirement systems.
  • 02.20.09 - Governor's Message on Transportation and Economic Security Plan

    Read Governor Patrick's vision for a comprehensive reform plan to radically simplify the Commonwealth's transportation system while addressing serious fiscal challenges stemming from decades of neglect and inaction.
  • 02.20.09 - Comprehensive Transportation Reform

    Read Governor Patrick's prepared remarks announcing his vision for a comprehensive reform plan to radically simplify the Commonwealth's transportation system.
  • 02.18.09 - Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce

    Governor Patrick spoke about the new federal stimulus law and the national economic situation.
  • 02.11.09 - Stimulus Accountability and Transparency

    Anticipating the receipt of hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funds for statewide infrastructure projects, Governor Deval Patrick announced today that he has selected senior real estate professional Jeffrey A. Simon to lead the Administration's economic recovery infrastructure program.
  • 01.28.09 - Governor Outlines Emergency Recovery Plan

    Amid a deep national recession and unprecedented fiscal crisis, Governor Deval Patrick today submitted his Fiscal Year 2010 budget proposal and an emergency plan for closing a $1.1 billion budget gap in the current fiscal year.
  • 01.23.09 - Protecting Education Aid

    Despite the immense financial challenges facing the Commonwealth, Governor Patrick reaffirmed his commitment to cities and towns in a speech to a gathering of the Massachusetts Municipal Association, announcing that he will protect education funding from cuts and will limit reductions in state aid to cities and towns this year and next.
  • 01.15.09 - 2009 State of the Commonwealth Address

    Governor Deval Patrick delivered his 2009 State of the Commonwealth address. The governor thanked his Legislative partners for enacting so much of his ambitious agenda last session, and acknowledged the challenges of the nationwide recession.
  • 01.06.09 - Task Force Report Released

    Governor Deval Patrick's Task Force on Public Integrity today issued a report outlining several recommendations to strengthen the state's ethics and lobbying laws. The series of proposals call for expanded investigative and enforcement authority as well as tougher penalties.
  • 01.05.09 - Health Care Reform Update

    Working to ensure the continued success of the Commonwealth's landmark health care reform law, Governor Patrick convened a meeting of cabinet members and constitutional officers this morning in his office to discuss ways the state can contain health care costs.
  • 12.18.08 - Winter Storm Planning

    On Thursday, December 18, 2008, with winter storm advisories in effect and a weather event expected, Governor Deval Patrick traveled to the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency to provide updates on the state's storm preparation and planning process.
  • 10.31.08 - Ethics Reforms Announced

    Governor Deval Patrick announced actions aimed at reforming the Commonwealth's ethics, campaign and lobbying rules. Specifically, the Governor intends to file comprehensive ethics, campaign, and lobbying reform legislation.
  • 10.22.08 - Latino Convention

    Governor Deval Patrick offered remarks at the 2008 Latino Convention, which was organized by Oίste (translated: Have you heard?), the first and only statewide Latino civic education organization in Massachusetts.
  • 11.20.08 - Green Building Goals Set

    Governor Deval Patrick announced that he has set two new goals for energy efficiency and renewable energy: 1) making all new malls and 'big box' retail stores energy efficient and powered in part by solar energy by 2010, and 2) offering a super-efficient building code as a local option for municipalities looking to take the lead in combating global climate change.
  • 10.15.09 - October Revenues Update

    Continuing to responsibly manage the state budget amid an unprecedented global recession, Governor Deval Patrick today outlined a five-point plan for closing an estimated $600 million budget gap for Fiscal Year 2010.
  • 10.02.08 - Fiscal Action Plan Announced

    Responding to a softening local economy, Governor Deval Patrick announced he will cut spending and implement a series of cost-savings reforms, as part of a five-point Fiscal Action Plan, to address fiscal challenges confronting the Commonwealth.
  • 09.30.08 - Medicaid Waiver Passed

    Governor Deval Patrick announced the federal government will renew the Commonwealth's health care reform waiver, enabling the state to continue to expand access to affordable, quality care through its historic reform law.
  • 09.25.08 - LIHEAP Testimony

    Governor Deval Patrick testified before the Congressional Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming on the need for additional federal fuel assistance funding in order to avoid a potential public health crisis this winter.
  • 09.24.08 - Child Mental Health Bill Signed

    Governor Deval Patrick celebrated the passage of an act relative to children's mental health. Among other advances the bill, known as Yolandas Law, expands early screening and treatment options for children and promotes mental health consultations and training for school and hospital staff.
  • 09.12.2008 - The First Statewide Youth Council

    Governor Deval Patrick swore in the inaugural members of the Governor's Statewide Youth Council. The Council, established by executive order in April, encourages young people to become involved in their communities and to participate in tackling some of the state's biggest challenges.
  • 08.05.08 - Legislative Session Wrap Up

    Governor Deval Patrick talked about the achievements of the just finished legislative session at a press conference in the State House.
  • 07.31.08 - Early Education Bill Signed

    On July 31, 2008, Governor Patrick today signed into law An Act Relative to Early Education and Care, which will keep Massachusetts at the leading edge of preparing young children with a solid foundation to enter school, so that they can succeed in the 21st Century global economy.
  • 07.31.08 - Discriminatory 1913 Statute Repealed

    Governor Deval Patrick signed a bill repealing a 95-year-old statute that prevented out-of-state same-sex couples from marrying in Massachusetts.
  • 07.13.08 - Governor Signs FY09 Budget

    Governor Deval Patrick today signed into law a $28.1 billion FY 2009 state budget -- which includes $122.5 million in vetoes -- as a part of a five-point plan aimed at ensuring long-term fiscal stability during a time of national economic uncertainty. In addition to vetoed spending in the FY 2009 Budget, the Governor is filing a companion budget package that includes expansion of emergency 9C powers to prepare for a potential decline in state tax revenues and increasing stresses in some areas of the budget as well as a number of targeted amendments to health care reform law to place this national model on more sound financial footing.
  • 07.02.08 - Energy Bill Signing

    On Wednesday, July 2, 2008, Governor Deval Patrick traveled to the Museum of Science in Boston to sign the Green Communities Act. The act is a comprehensive energy reform bill that resulted from close collaboration with House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi and Senate President Therese Murray. The bill, which sets a new national standard in energy policy, was filed by Speaker DiMasi in 2007.
  • 07.01.08 - Neighborhood Stabilization Loan Fund

    Governor Deval Patrick announced the details of a unique state-sponsored, low-interest loan fund for developers to buy abandoned and at-risk properties, and get them quickly reoccupied with new homeowners or renters. The fund, consisting of $17 million from private lenders and another $3 million from private non-profit foundations, is part of the Patrick Administration's comprehensive response to the foreclosure crisis in Massachusetts.
  • 06.30.08 - Jackson Square MORE Grant Announced

    Governor Deval Patrick traveled to Jamaica Plain to announce that the City of Boston will receive a $3.1 million Massachusetts Opportunity Relocation and Expansion (MORE) jobs grant to improve the streetscape and public way for the Jackson Square Development project in Roxbury and Jamaica Plain, generating 131 new jobs and boosting the local economy of these two neighborhoods.
  • 06.25.08 - Action Agenda, Final Reports Released

    Governor Deval Patrick unveiled the final portions of his Education Action Agenda the state's blueprint to move Massachusetts through its next phase in education reform by 2020, focused on improving access to higher education for all Massachusetts residents and unleashing innovation to spur long-term system change in the state's public education system.
  • 06.24.08 - Education Reform Continues

    Governor Deval Patrick announced additional features of the Education Action Agenda - the state's blueprint to move Massachusetts through its next phase in education reform by 2020. 'Great schools don't happen without great teachers,' Governor Patrick said surrounded by business leaders at EMC Corporation in Hopkinton, a global leader of information infrastructure technology and solutions.
  • 06.23.08 - New Era of Education Reform

    Advancing his vision to offer a consistently excellent, world-class education for all children in Massachusetts, Governor Deval Patrick today unveiled parts of a long-term plan for education reform. Governor Patrick's Education Action Agenda is designed to raise achievement of all students as measured against global benchmarks and to help prepare all students by 2020 to compete successfully in the global economy.
  • 06.18.08 - Governor Congratulates Celtics on Win

    On June 18, 2008, Governor Deval Patrick offered his sincere congratulations to the Boston Celtics today for winning their 17th NBA Championship Title from the BIO Convention in San Diego, California.
  • 06.16.08 - Life Science Bill Signing

    Governor Deval Patrick, joined by Senate President Therese Murray and Speaker of the House Salvatore F. DiMasi, signed pioneering legislation today at the Joslin Diabetes Center as he unveiled for the first time the comprehensive, innovative Massachusetts Life Sciences Law. The legislation, a 10-year, $1-billion investment in the industry, will secure and expand Massachusetts life science supercluster.
  • 06.12.08 - School Bus Retrofitting

    Governor Patrick today traveled to the Julia F. Callahan Elementary School in Lynn to announce the start of theMassCleanDiesel: Clean Air for Kids program. The first statewide programof its kind in the nation, MassCleanDiesel will retrofit virtually all diesel-powered school buses in the state with pollution-reduction equipment, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and thereby improving air quality and public health across Massachusetts communities.
  • 06.09.08 - Federal Fishing Aid Announced

    Governor Patrick joined state and regional officials and local fishermen to announce that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has approved the states plan to distribute $13.4 million in federal disaster relief to the Commonwealths struggling commercial groundfish fleet.
  • 06.04.08 - Bridge Repair Bill Testimony

    Governor Patrick testified in front of the Legislature's Joint Committee on Bonding, Capital Expenditures and State Assets on behalf of his Act Financing an Accelerated Structurally-Deficient Bridge Improvement Program, filed in May.
  • 05.29.08 - $1.3 Billion Affordable Housing Investment

    Governor Patrick signed into law a $1.275 billion bond authorization, the state's largest investment ever in housing and community development projects throughout the Commonwealth.
  • 05.28.08 - Oceans Bill Signed

    Governor Patrick traveled to the New England Aquarium to sign the Oceans Act of 2008, which will require Massachusetts to develop a first-in-the-nation comprehensive plan to manage development in its state waters, balancing natural resource preservation with traditional and new uses, including renewable energy.
  • 05.23.08 - Commonwealth Compact Launched

    Governor Patrick spoke at the public launch of the Commonwealth Compact. The Compact, being convened by the McCormack Graduate School of Policy Studies at UMass Boston, seeks to increase diversity in the Bay State by encouraging people of all races, religions, nationalities, and genders to live and work in Massachusetts.
  • 05.13.08 - Supporting YouthWorks Summer Jobs

    As summer nears, Governor Deval Patrick today highlighted the administration's funding of more than $5.6 million for the YouthWorks summer jobs program this year - an increase of $1.2 million from last year - as part of a comprehensive approach that coordinates education, employment and support services to increase opportunity and development for young people throughout Massachusetts.
  • 05.06.08 - Shire Groundbreaking Ceremony

    Governor Patrick attended a groundbreaking for the expansion of Shire Human Genetic Therapies in Lexington. Shire HGT announced in February that the company will remain in Massachusetts and will invest $394 million to expand their Lexington campus, creating an estimated 680 additional jobs and making it the global center for Shire's Human Genetic Therapies research, development, and production.
  • 05.01.08 - Comprehensive Clean Energy Strategy

    Governor Deval Patrick this morning delivered a speech to the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce where he presented a comprehensive, ambitious strategy for taking national leadership in clean energy in response to record high energy prices and in recognition of the opportunities for jobs and economic growth in the burgeoning clean energy industry.
  • 04.29.08 - Northampton Workforce Training Fund Grant

    Governor Patrick traveled to Northampton City Hall to announce the award of a Workforce Training Fund (WTF) grant to Amherst Woodworking and Supply, Inc. The grant totals $44,000 and will train 44 employees.
  • 04.22.08 - Clean Energy Celebrated at MIT

    On Wednesday, April 22, Governor Patrick visited the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to speak about his administration's clean energy accomplishments and initiatives and to participate in MIT's Earth Day celebration. The Earth Day event is part of the MIT Energy Initiative.
  • 04.17.08 - Transportation Bond Bill Signing and MassHighway Reforms

    Governor Patrick signed the $3.5 billion transportation bond bill to invest in road and bridge projects across the Commonwealth over three years, while announcing MassHighways innovative plan to complete projects at least 40% faster, saving millions of dollars in inflation costs.
  • 04.16.08 - Life Sciences Expansion in Billerica

    Governor Patrick travelled to Billerica to announce the expansion of life sciences company EMD Serono, Inc., and Merck Serono, both affiliates of Merck KGaA of Germany. The company will invest $50 million to expand its Billerica facility, creating at least 100 new jobs.
  • 04.09.08 - Governor Unveils Stimulus Package

    Governor Patrick today announced an economic plan to create a culture of opportunity focused on restrained spending and long- and short-term investments, while preparing for the impacts of a softening national economy.
  • 04.03.08 - Organogenesis Expansion Announced

    Governor Patrick announced that Organogenesis, once planning to move its operations outside of the state, is initiating an expansion of its global headquarters, research and development, and manufacturing facilities in Canton.
  • 03.31.08 - Youth Violence Prevention Week

    Governor Patrick joined state and local officials and dozens of area teenagers to kick off Youth Violence Prevention Week at the State House. The governor highlighted some of his administration's initiatives and accomplishments in preventing youth violence, including summer jobs opportunities, after-school programs, and anti-gang and peer counseling services.
  • 03.27.08 - First Statewide Hunger Summit

    Governor Patrick attended the first ever Statewide Anti-Hunger Summit. Along with Health and Human Services Secretary JudyAnn Bigby, U.S. Congressman James McGovern, and Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino, the governor joined hundreds of concerned individuals to raise awareness of hunger issues in the Commonwealth and the importance of access to nutritious food.
  • 03.18.08 - Resort Casino Testimony

    Governor Patrick testifies in front of a packed Gardner Auditorium before the Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies in support of his destination resort casino proposal. The governor argued that his plan would help create tens of thousands of new jobs and generate billions of dollars in new revenue for Massachusetts and must be evaluated on the merits.
  • 03.11.08 - Governor Appoints New Secretary of Education

    On March 11, 2008, Governor Patrick visited Monument High School in South Boston to announce the selection of Paul Reville as the Commonwealth's new Secretary of Education, overseeing the recently created Executive Office of Education. In addition, the governor named three appointees to the newly expanded Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, named two appointees to the Board of Early Education and Care, and had a conversation with school faculty members.
  • 03.05.08 - Tax Loophole Testimony

    On March 5, 2008, Governor Patrick testified before the Legislature's Joint Committee on Revenue in support of his "Act Improving Tax Fairness and Business Competitiveness," which seeks to close corporate tax loopholes and lower the corporate tax rate.
  • 02.26.08 - Business Speech in Danvers

    On February 26, 2008, Governor Patrick spoke at the North Shore Business to Business Expo in Danvers. In his speech, the governor outlined his administration's plan to improve Massachusetts through schools, jobs, and civic engagement.
  • 02.14.08 - Governor Testifies on Behalf of Broadband Bill

    On February 14, 2008, Governor Patrick testified before the Joint Committee on Bonding, Capital Expenditures and Assets on behalf of House 4311, "An Act Establishing and Funding the Massachusetts Broadband Institute." The legislation is part of the Administration's efforts to stimulate and promote sustainable economic development and job growth in Western Massachusetts and throughout the Commonwealth generally.
  • 02.13.08 - Governor Announces Life Sciences Center at UMass Lowell

    On February 13, 2008, Governor Patrick travelled to UMass Lowell to announce the award of a $4 million grant to be used for the construction/refurbishment of a new Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center ("M2D2") innovation center, a sign of the economic benefits that passage of life science legislation will bring with it.
  • 10.27.09 - Governor's Economic Summit

    Governor Patrick convened nearly 150 corporate, education, and non-profit leaders along with state officials for a day-long Economic Summit at the Boston Federal Reserve Bank to discuss how Massachusetts can best define its recovery, and collaborate on solutions to the state’s challenges.
  • 02.12.08 - Governor Speaks at Massachusetts Legislative Black Caucus' Black History Month Celebration

    On February 12, 2008, Governor Deval Patrick joined the Massachusetts Legislative Black Caucus' Black History Month celebration at the State House. The governor stressed that although there has been much progress, there is still plenty of work to be done on civil rights issues in America.
  • 02.07.08 - AFL-CIO Leadership Endorses Casino Plan

    On Thursday, February 7, 2008, Governor Patrick met with the Executive Council of the Massachusetts AFL-CIO after their endorsement of his destination resort casino plan.
  • 01.29.08 - Governor Testifies On Behalf of Article 87 Legislation

    On January 29, 2008, Governor Patrick, along with Special Advisor for Education Dana Mohler-Faria, testified in front of the Legislature's Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight to support the administration's Article 87 Education Governance proposal. The legislation would reorganize the state's education system by creating a cabinet-level secretary of education.
  • 01.24.08 - State of the Commonwealth Address

    On January 24, 2008, Governor Patrick delivered his first State of the Commonwealth Address in front of a joint session of the legislature. The governor highlighted many of the past year's achievements, stressed that the state of our Commonwealth is strong, and talked about his administration's agenda of promoting jobs, schools and civic engagement.
  • 01.10.08 - Governor Announces Plan for New Education Secretary

    On January 10, 2008, Governor Patrick announced that he will file historic legislation to reform the Department of Education by creating an Executive Office of Education, headed by a new cabinet secretary. The secretariat will consist of the Department of Early Education and Care, a Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (what we now call the Department of Education), and a Department of Higher Education, each headed by a commissioner.
  • 12.18.07 - Governor Delivers Testimony on Resort Casinos

    On December 18th, 2007, Governor Deval Patrick testified before the Joint Committee on Bonding, Capital Expenditures, and State Assets on behalf of his casino gaming proposal.
  • 12.19.07 - Governor Reflects on the Year 2007

    On December 19th, 2007, Governor Deval Patrick took a look back at the accomplishments made by the Patrick-Murray administration over the past year. As part of their broad and far-reaching governing agenda, the governor highlighted investments in job growth, education and civic engagement, and a commitment to govern the entire state.
  • 12.13.07 - Governor Speaks Out Against Drunk Driving

    On Thursday, December 13, Governor Deval Patrick joined Mothers Against Drunk Driving, representatives from the state Registry of Motor Vehicles and law enforcement officials to support safety on the roads.
  • 12.10.07 - Governor Returns From China Trade Mission

    On December 10, Governor Deval Patrick highlighted progress made on the Massachusetts-China relationship during the Commonwealth's first governor-led trade mission to China in seven years, including agreements signed between life science and clean energy groups in Massachusetts and China, a new exchange opportunity for the University of Massachusetts and moving a step closer to nonstop air service from Boston to Beijing.
  • 12.03.07 - Governor Patrick Delivers Keynote at Massachusetts-China Partnership Forum

    On December 3, 2007, Governor Deval Patrick spoke at the Tsinghua University Science Park as part of the Commonwealth's trade mission to China. The Governor highlighted the historic ties between Massachusetts and China, and stressed the potential for economic and educational collaboration in industries like clean energy and the life sciences.
  • 11.29.07 - Governor Announces Transportation Bond Legislation

    On November 29, 2007, Governor Deval Patrick filed a three-year, $2.9 billion transportation bond bill, making significant improvements to the Commonwealth's long-neglected network of roads, bridges, and mass transit.
  • 11.20.07 - $15 Million to Heat Low Income Households

    On Tuesday, November 20th, Governor Deval Patrick was joined by Speaker DiMasi, Senate President Murray and other members of the Legislature to sign a bill that provides $15 million in supplemental funding to the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.
  • 11.13.07 - New Buffer Zone Bill Signed into Law

    On November 13, 2007, Governor Deval Patrick signed into law a bill expanding the protected area around reproductive health facilities in Massachusetts. The legislation, supported by Senate President Therese Murray and Speaker of the House Salvatore DiMasi, establishes a fixed 35-foot buffer zone around the entrances and driveways of all reproductive health facilities in Massachusetts.
  • 11.08.07 - Mass Opportunities Investment Conference

    On November 8, 2007, Governor Patrick attended the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council's annual Mass Opportunities Biotechnology Investment Conference where leaders in both biotechnology and financial communities gathered to discuss the biotechnology industry. Governor Patrick spoke about the large concentration of biotechnology in the Commonwealth and how the life science initiative he proposed will make Massachusetts a global leader in the life sciences.
  • 10.31.07 - Life Science Listening Tour

    On October 31, 2007, Governor Patrick visited the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester to discuss his Life Sciences package currently being discussed in the Legislature, and the future of the industry in the Commonwealth.
  • 10.30.07 - Governor Gives Testimony on Behalf of Life Sciences Bill

    Governor Deval Patrick testified before the Legislature's Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies on behalf of a bill he authored that aims to grow the life sciences industry in the Commonwealth.
  • 10.30.07 - Governor Patrick Addresses Clean Energy Council

    On October 30, 2007, Governor Patrick addressed the 3rd annual Conference on Clean Energy at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. The Governor highlighted the industry's robust growth in the state as well as the environmental and economic benefits of making Massachusetts a hub for clean energy technology.
  • 10.25.07 - Anti-Crime Council Meeting

    On October 25th, 2007, Governor Patrick joined state and city officials to discuss strategies for preventing crime in the Bay State at the monthly Anti-Crime Council meeting. The meeting, which focused on the recent violent crime tragedies in Boston and was attended by members of victim's families, explored a variety of approaches to preventing crimes across the Commonwealth.
  • 10.18.07 - Foreclosure Prevention Plan Unveiled

    Thursday, October 18, Governor Patrick joined state and local officials, non-profit leaders, mortgage lenders, and city homeowners to unveil his comprehensive foreclosure prevention plan designed to keep people in their homes and to stabilize neighborhoods across the Commonwealth.
  • 10.11.07 - Governor Patrick Hosts Town Hall Forum in Quincy

    On Thursday, October 11, 2007, Governor Patrick participated in a town hall forum with members of the Quincy community to discuss the status of education in the Commonwealth.
  • 10.15.08 - Fiscal Action Plan Implemented

    On Wednesday, October 15, 2008, responding to a softening local economy, Governor Deval Patrick announced he will cut spending and implement a series of cost-savings reforms to address fiscal challenges confronting the Commonwealth.
  • 10.01.07 - Zero-Tolerance Domestic Abuse Policy Announced

    Governor Deval Patrick and First Lady Diane Patrick today announced a zero-tolerance policy for domestic violence in Massachusetts, while highlighting more than $5 million in federal and state funding for prevention programs.
  • 09.25.07 - Governor Visits Aborn Elementary School

    On September 25th Governor Patrick visited the Aborn Elementary School in Lynn to commend students for leading the nation on the National Assessment of Educational Progress tests.
  • 9.17.07- Destination Resort Casino Plan Announcement

    Governor Deval Patrick today announced his decision to support the authorization of three destination resort casinos to be built in different regions of the state. This initiative will result in tens of thousands of jobs and ultimately create billions of dollars in new revenue for the Commonwealth that would be dedicated to road and bridge repair and construction and much needed property tax relief for more than a million Bay State homeowners.
  • 9.11.07- 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony

    Governor Patrick presided over a ceremony marking the sixth anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and honoring those lost on that day. During the ceremony, the flag was raised, then lowered to half mast, and the names of the 206 victims from Massachusetts were read.
  • 07.11.07 - Volunteer Expo

    On Wednesday, July 11, Governor Patrick, the Governor's Public Liaison Office, and the Human Resources Division hosted the governor's first Volunteer Expo at the State House. This expo was part of an ongoing effort to raise awareness and encourage service with nonprofit volunteer programs in Massachusetts.
  • 06.22.07 - Municipal Partnership Day on the Hill

    On Thursday, June 21, Governor Patrick rallied hundreds of supporters at the State House in support of his Municipal Partnership Act, an effort to help cities and towns cut costs, generate revenue, and relieve the pressure on homeowner property taxes.
  • 06.01.07 - Governor Patrick Speaks at UMass Boston Commencement

    Standing before 2,600 graduates of the University of Massachusetts Boston, Governor Deval Patrick today ushered in the next era of education reform in the Commonwealth, a plan that that includes free community college for high school graduates, universal pre-K and extended school day and year.
  • 05.22.07 - Governor Announces Red Sox Partnership

    On May 22nd, Governor Patrick and the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority visited Fenway Park to announce a new partnership between the Boston Red Sox and the state to promote the state's new health insurance plans.
  • 05.17.07 - Governor Speaks at Mount Wachusett Commencement

    Governor Patrick speaks at the commencement for Mount Wachusett Community College in Gardner, Massachusetts. In his speech, the Governor spoke about the necessity of graduates becoming active and engaged citizens and warned them about the politics of fear, "the pervasive means today by which to ignore fact and to overlook and suppress the better angels of our nature."
  • 05.08.07 - Governor Announces Life Sciences Initiative

    In a speech at the BIO 2007 convention on May 8, Governor Patrick announced his plan to make Massachusetts the global leader in life sciences, unveiling for the first time ever a comprehensive, collaborative Massachusetts Life Sciences Strategy.
  • 05.03.07 - Governor's Address at Boston Bar Association Law Day

    Governor Patrick's address at the Boston Bar Association's Law Day at the Boston Marriott Copley Place.
  • 05.02.07 - Devens Development

    Governor Patrick speaks at the groundbreaking for a new plant being built by Bristol-Myers Squibb in Devens, Massachusetts. The new plant brings to the Commonwealth a $750 million dollar investment and 350 new jobs, and will be at the forefront of a rapidly expanding industry sector.
  • 04.27.07 - Focus on Education

    Governor Patrick gives a speech to an audience of education advocates on Boston Common on Wednesday, April 25th. The Governor once again called upon citizens to get involved and stay active in pursuing their goals for education in the commonwealth. The Governor also remarked on the importance of education in his own life, and its impact on bringing him to where he is today.
  • 02.27.07 - Governor Patrick's Budget Address

    Governor Patrick's budget address, "H.1 2008: A Balanced Approach," delivered live Tuesday February 27, 2007 at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall in Melrose.
  • 01.04.07 - Inaugural Address

    Governor Patrick delivers his inaugural address in front of hundreds of supporters and Massachusetts's federal, state, and local representatives.