Governor Deval L. Patrick
Organogenesis Expansion Remarks
April 03, 2008
As Delivered

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Governor Patrick

I just want to say what a great day it is for the town of Canton, for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, for the Life Sciences industry. I think you heard from this remarkable leader Geoff MacKay just how exciting the work is, and the efforts and the promise of Organogenesis - both in terms of advancing healing in the industry and also economically - by bringing new jobs and expansion here in the Commonwealth.

It is wonderful example of collaboration and partnership with the town and I want to acknowledge all of the members of the board who are here and the board chair who joins us and it a remarkable partnership that we are celebrating in the legislature and with the legislature - many any of whose, my friends are here today. And I am glad that you are here.

The Life Sciences initiative has passed now out of both the House and the Senate and is in conference now we expect to be able to sign it I hope in the next few weeks, right? But it has enjoyed wide support and frankly the bill has gotten better as it has gone through the legislative process.

It is stronger it is more responsive to practical needs in the industry and in the marketplace. And Geoff, I just want to acknowledge that you have been a wonderful partner on the legislative side as well by bearing witness to what a difference it can make in practical times in this industry and in the opportunity to advance healing by bringing this initiative forward. Finally, I want to acknowledge the extraordinary work of Secretary O'Connell and his team from the office of business development. I know that John is here and Marty and others. They are the folks who, in this industry and through a whole host of industries, every day are in touch with employers, with companies who are here already, interested in expanding or maybe thinking about moving elsewhere and talking to companies outside of Massachusetts about why it is wise, prudent and advantageous to put stakes down here.

Organogenesis is an example, and one of many, of their successes and I so appreciate, and the people of Massachusetts appreciate what you do.Thank you very much, and I am glad to participate today. Congratulations to Organogenesis.

Thank you.