Governor Deval L. Patrick
Video Message to State Employees
Monday, April 14, 2009

Read the text of Governor Patrick's video message to state employees. Learn more about the Governor's revenue announcement.

Governor Deval Patrick

This is Governor Patrick. Today, I announced that tax revenues have continued to slide, and our budget problems are deepening. I know these challenges have had a significant impact on all of our state workers. Most of you are into or past your second year since your last cost of living adjustment. Some of your co-workers have been laid off. Everyone is having to make do with less.

The attached email details our plans to close the $156 million gap that has developed since January. Because we believe the situation may deteriorate further, we have some other solutions that require legislative action. We will be working with the Legislative leadership on those, and as soon as I have more information you will, too.

But I just want to say a special word to all of you who work in state government. I know that, like working people all across this Commonwealth, many of you and your families are already struggling to hold on, and that today's announcement will add to your anxiety. Unfortunately, we have no easy options. But I want you to know that I appreciate you and the extraordinary work you do every day on behalf of the people of the Commonwealth.

If you lean on each other and work with me, if you give me your ideas and good counsel just as you give the public your dedicated service, we will get through this together and state government will be the better for it. Thank you.