Governor Deval L. Patrick
EMD Serono Expansion Remarks
April 16, 2008
As Delivered

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Governor Patrick

From 25 years here in the Commonwealth we know just how exciting the efforts and the promise of EMD Serono will be both in terms of advancing healing and growing our economy. With this further investment of $50 million you add another 100 jobs in Massachusetts and another 100 opportunities for Massachusetts people to apply their talent and build better futures for themselves, their families, and for all of us.

So on behalf of my colleagues in government and all of the people in Massachusetts thank you for choosing the Commonwealth and maybe you do not hear that often enough. Let me tell you, thank you for choosing us.

There was a great team who were a part of making this work for you and I want to acknowledge them and thank them because they do it over and over and over again for companies all across the commonwealth. We want you to know at EMD Serono and all of those in the industry that you are welcome here in Massachusetts.

I am proud to say that today's announcement is the third in two weeks about a life sciences company that has chosen to grow business and locate jobs here. It is happening all across the Commonwealth.

Indeed, we are not anymore 49th in the nation, Fereydoun, for job creation. We moved last year to 15th in the nation. This morning we published job numbers showing that in the face of weakening national economic statistics, Massachusetts added upwards of 3,000 new jobs in February and March alone. We are on the move.

Our Life Sciences Initiative, that $1 billion, 10 year investment to accelerate our world leadership in this sector as contributed to that good news which Fereydoun said. The world knows that as a Commonwealth we are serious about you, about this industry, about its possibilities for healing and for its opportunity for economic expansion.

The Life Sciences initiative has indeed passed out of both the House and the Senate. It is a better bill now that it was when it went in. It has been improved by the collaboration of the members of the house and the senate and the industry and EMD Serono has been a part of that and I want to thank you all.

Senator Marzilli, Rep Green, Rep Atkins, who is here, and all of the members who have contributed to making this bill as strong as it is. I look forward to signing it very soon indeed.

We will continue because this in an industry that has great promise for all of us on a host of levels. We want you to know whether you are here in the presence of those us making these announcements, or within our sounds of our voice and images in Rockland and elsewhere, that you are welcome here. We value you. We look forward to continuing this partnership and we wish you every success. Thank you for having us here.

Elmar Schnee, President of Merck Serono

Governor Patrick, Merck Serono, US affiliate operates under the name EMD Serono in your very nice state. I am very proud to be here as President of our global bio-pharmaceutical activities to share with you and everybody involved - also with my colleagues who work for us here in the USA - this landmark occasion. As we lay the foundation for a future of growth and also a cluster organization in the market where it is critical that we find new therapies. We have a strong presence on all continents. We have 16,000 colleagues who work for EMD Serono and we are present through our products handled in 156 countries around the globe.

As this facility will be dedicated to oncology research, but also fertility research, but mostly oncology research. We are very proud to move to global initiatives to fight cancer which is important. We will change, with our new products, the patient's life. We have a pioneering spirit at the heart of our business - and this in 1668, we are the oldest chemical and pharmaceutical company on earth - we are focusing on harnessing our internal expertise coupled with our external expertise.

I've just been this morning in the Dana Farber institute and I have witnessed first hand what opportunities are for a company of our size, like us, to cooperate and advance medicine to treat the patients. We will discover and bring forward and develop new medical treatments and these will be the treatments of tomorrow.

Merck-Serono is a global integrated research company. We have more then 1500 researchers who are committed to standing for innovation in human healthcare based on scientific excellence and unwavering ethical standards in order to delivering new products, high value products, to again, which is the most important part of our mission to change to good the patient's life.

Today as we expand of our US foothold, we mark the beginning of exciting new journey, building our research organization as the fuel for the future of new medicines. Our goalas Fereydoun already mentioned is to create the center of excellence in discovery, that will catch the power of scientific expertise and leverage the significant academic and health care resources available in this great commonwealth of Boston - a region with tremendous life science influence, not only for the US, but, certainly, also on a global scale.

I would like to thank you, Governor Patrick, for your support of the life science industry in Massachusetts, Senate President Terese Murray, and Speaker of the House Salvatore DiMasi, for their continued commitment to grow in the Commonwealth, and also our local leaders here in Billerica for the invaluable collaboration which you have shown to our company. Thank you very much.