Governor Deval L. Patrick
Red Sox Partnership Announcement
May 22, 2007
As Delivered

Thank you Larry and ladies and gentleman one and all I am very pleased to be here and to have the partnership of the Red Sox and the Red Sox organization in helping to take to this historic reform to its next successful level, and I want to join in acknowledging the leadership and the vision of the speaker Sal DiMasi, of the senate president Terry Murray, of the private sector represented here by Peter Mead and Jack Conners, the very very hard work of the executive director of the connector board John Kingsdale and the members of the connector who are here, and actually the members of the connector board who are not here are also working very hard to make this a success and it is a success. It isn't finished. But it's a very bold step in an important direction for the commonwealth and a model of what can be done and might be done all over the country.

The success is already seen in the fact that there are 125,000 adults and children who were uninsured last year who are insured today thanks to this reform measure. The success is also seen in the fact that the premiums for some of the new products have begun to come down, there is work to be done on that but progress has been made. There will be a flexible and practical waiver program so that we are sure that we are not adding financial hardship as we are trying to develop a medical solution. So much good news has come from this initiative already, and it depends frankly, ultimately, on the participation of everyone, which is why it is so important that information gets out to this opportunity available for people to sign up and get insured, and why its so important that we have a marketing partner as powerful as the Red Sox to help us do that. One of the untold successes of this initiative is the very broad coalition that gave birth to it, people in the public sector, in the private sector, among faith groups, among community groups, in the business community among labor came together, and most importantly stayed together at every key milestone decision in the process of implementing it and I honor you all for being here today and keeping that coalition intact and it will be a necessary coalition as we go forward. It is so wonderful, to add the Red Sox to add the Red Sox to that strong coalition going forward, and I thank you for it, glad to be with you.