On June 19, 2008, Governor Deval Patrick offered his sincere congratulations to the Boston Celtics today for winning their 17th NBA Championship Title from the BIO Convention in San Diego, California.

Governor Patrick:

During the game last night the Senate President, the Speaker, and I - and about 40 or 50 other folks from the Massachusetts delegation - were gathered at the, on the roof of this place called the Hard Rock Hotel -- yelling and screaming and carrying on, while we watched the Celtics do the damage they did to the Lakers.

And we are so proud and so pleased, and we made enough noise to attract the attention of just about all of downtown San Diego. I congratulate Doc Rivers and the whole team, all the fans who are so supportive. And I'm just so sorry I can't be there tomorrow, Thursday, at the time of the parade to yell and scream with the other fans. But we're proud of you. We thank you for what you've done to lift us all up, and we look forward to your getting a good rest and coming back, on fire again, next season.