Governor Deval L. Patrick
Jackson Square MORE Grant Announcement
June 30, 2008
As Delivered

On June 30, 2008, Governor Deval Patrick traveled to Jamaica Plain to announce that the City of Boston will receive a $3.1 million Massachusetts Opportunity Relocation and Expansion (MORE) jobs grant to improve the streetscape and public way for the Jackson Square Development project in Roxbury and Jamaica Plain, generating 131 new jobs and boosting the local economy of these two neighborhoods.

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Governor Patrick:

Our growth is essential, economic growth all over the Commonwealth; not just up but out. In other words, economic expansion that is broader, and includes folks who are frequently left out, and communities frequently left out.

No growth is possible without partnership; partnership between the state and local governments, partnerships between those in government and those in private industry, above all and most importantly a partnership with those of you here in the community.

And its in that spirit, that spirit of continuing partnership, that I am here today to make two announcements. The first is the announcement of a 3.1 million dollar MORE grant for Jackson square we're working very… [applause] we have been working very closely with Jackson Square partners, and this grant will fund streetscape and public way improvements necessary to reconnect this neighborhood, and allow for Phase 1 of Jackson Square development to begin.

Phase 1 will transform Jackson Square, the area where Roxbury and JP meet. It will, over time, establish a mixed used district with residential, community, and retail uses, as well as improve pedestrian connections for local residents to the T stop right here, behind the Jackson square T stop and southwest Corridor Park. That investment will help create over 130 jobs for this area while making necessary infrastructure improvements to promote sustained growth over the long term.

This 3.1 million dollar grant is part of a series of MORE grants that we have been trying to move out in the past couple of months, some 24 million dollars for communities all across the commonwealth. Its an example of the partnership that the mayor and I share and that we are both committed to for the benefit for all of you, and I'm proud to be here to make that announcement.

I'm secondly proud to announce over 162 thousand dollars in workforce training funds that we're granting to ABP corporation in Boston. [applause] ABP, as you may know, is the company that operates the Au Bon Pain chain, and this grant will allow the corporation to enhance leadership, sales, and training sales for more than 400 workers. We're looking forward to working with ABP, the mayor, with members of the Legislature, with the grant recipients, and with all of you to lift all of our communities and move all of Massachusetts forward.