Governor Deval L. Patrick
Governor's Volunteer Expo
July 11, 2007
As Delivered

Our agenda is a long-term agenda. It's not about tomorrow's headlines. It's about reality changing reality for the day after tomorrow. It's about strengthening the economy, creating a world class system of public education, implementing our landmark health reform legislation and following through on a whole host of other needs that people in communities all over the commonwealth are crying out to be met. Not because they want government to do everything for them, or to solve every problem in everybody's life, but because they recognize that government is not them, it's us. It's all of ours. And the government has a role to play in helping us help ourselves. We have to, above all and in that spirit, focus on rebuilding our sense of community. That understanding that we have a stake, each of us, not just in our own dreams, in our own struggles, but in our neighbors' as well. No list of programs or policies we devise on Beacon Hill, however well-intended, however broad or narrow will succeed on their own, the way they should. If we don't begin by seeing that we have a shared responsibility for our shared prosperity. We have to transform our commonwealth. We have to do that and can only do that one person at a time. We must encourage and foster active citizenship neighborhood by neighborhood and stand up as a community to say that we will not allow anyone to become trapped in a life without hope or a future. This is something that has to reach from the corner office up there, to the corner of every block in this commonwealth. And I can't do that alone. I need you. That's why we're her. That's why you come to work everyday.