Governor Deval L. Patrick
Youth Council Swearing In
September 12, 2008
As Delivered

On Friday, September 12, 2008, Governor Deval Patrick swore in the inaugural members of the Governor's Statewide Youth Council. The Council, established by executive order in April, encourages young people to become involved in their communities and to participate in tackling some of the state's biggest challenges.

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Governor Patrick:

We created this Council, as you've heard, to help the future entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors, artists, and clean energy leaders to have a voice in their government; and to add that voice today. We created the Council because you asked for it.

And as Shanaya said last, I think it was a year ago in the Spring in fact, I went out to Codman Square after a particular tragedy in Dorchester and sat down with a group of young people called Bold Teens [cheering] -- I've noticed, you almost have to wait after you say Bold Teens so you have a minute for them to hoop and holler -- and they had ideas about how to improve their community and address some of our biggest challenges.

Shanaya … hi sweetie. Shanaya … I'm a sucker for this sort of thing.

It was Shanaya who voiced, on behalf of the group a very important and very direct and simple question, which is "How are you seeking and using the voice of young people to help think about policy that affects young people?" She put it more directly. She said, and I think with a little bit of the head movement, "How come we don't have a Statewide Youth Council?"

And here we are.