Governor Deval L. Patrick
Child Mental Health Bill Signed
September 24, 2008
As Delivered

On Wednesday, September 24, 2008, Governor Deval Patrick celebrated the passage of an act relative to childrens mental health. Among other advances the bill, known as Yolandas Law, expands early screening and treatment options for children and promotes mental health consultations and training for school and hospital staff.

Governor Patrick:There is no more important role that we have as public officials-or indeed, as responsible adults-than in insuring our children are safe, well educated, and healthy. And healthy must include both physical and emotional and mental health.

The Speaker, the Senate President, and all of their colleagues, the sponsors of this bill, all of the advocates and providers, and teachers, and families, who are here today and representing others, are the reason this has come together and I congratulate every single one of you. Thank you for your leadership.

This bill provides some very important new tools in the network of support for young people-better screening, improved treatment options, closer coordination with educators, and people in public schools, and in public education generally. A way of lifting us all to a better place, in terms of the vigilance that we give to the emotional and intellectual and mental development of our young people.