Governor Deval L. Patrick
Governor Visits Aborn Elementary School
September 25, 2007
As Delivered

Thank you very much Principal, and I want to say how proud I am to be here with the Speaker of the House, with Chairman Haddad, and members of the legislative delegation. With our own special advisor, Dana LaMohler-Faria, who helps in so many important ways on education, all the elected officials, and the teachers and these fabulous 5th graders, to congratulate you on being first in the nation on all four measures of the nation's report card.

We know how much It takes. We know how hard you work. How much focus. We know how your teachers motivated you and prepared you and worried about you to get you to this point. And we want you to know that we honor your achievement and we appreciate what you have done and the example that you have set for students all over the commonwealth. It's really, really great. And please keep it up because our expectations of you remain high. And they're not unreasonably so. It's because we know that you are up to the challenge. We know just how good you are and our job as officials and the jobs of teachers and administrators in this building and all through the system is to convince you that you are as good as we know you can be. So thank you so much for what you have done, congratulations. I want to thank again the teachers in the fourth grade and in all the grades coming up, to the fourth and the fifth and beyond, for helping to prepare you for not just for this test but for the whole child education that's necessary to make you as productive and as promising contributors to the society and the economy as we know you will be.

Now having said that, there is work still to be done. It's a very wonderful milestone for the Commonwealth that we have for the second time in our history, I think maybe in the nation's history, ranked first on all four of the measures on the nation's report card. But as long as there is an achievement gap, as long as we have uneven funding in public schools across the Commonwealth, as long as we don't have consistent excellence in every classroom and in every school there is work yet to do. And all of us here working with all of you, administrators and teachers and those you represent, need to get that work done. So we're hear to congratulate you and hold you up as models, but also to hold you up and as indicators to where we need to bring all of the children in the system over time, and we look forward to working with all of you to that end.

Thank you very much.