Framework Announcement for Health Disparities Council Website

The Health Disparities Council announced it has adoption of a comprehensive framework which will assist the Council in planning, implementing, and evaluating its work to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities.

The Framework includes required interventions across the spectrum of factors that contribute to disparities, both inside and outside the health care system. The accompanying narrative describes collective objectives the Council recognized as necessary to end disparities, including:

  • Adopting Social Policies That Increase Equity
  • Promoting Healthy Communities
  • Promoting Institutional Transformation
  • Promoting Provider Transformation
  • Promoting Healthy Individual Behaviors and
  • Improving Access to and Quality of Healthcare and Health Outcomes

Over the next few months, the Council will utilize this framework as it develops an annual statewide report card which will examine certain health status indicators as well as associated social determinants and policy proposals which will positively impact disparities. The report card will act as a roadmap for the Council as it considers what recommendations to make.

Framework for Eliminating Health Disparities  pdf format of Framework for Eliminating Health Disparities
rtf format of                             Framework for Eliminating Health Disparities