Business Counseling from the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center

Massachusetts wants to help businesses. The MSBDC provides free, confidential, one-to-one management advice, technical assistance and low-cost educational training programs to prospective and existing small businesses throughout the Commonwealth. -From the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center (MSBDC)

Business Development & Relocation Support

A strong business climate benefits everyone. That's why the Mass Office of Business Development connects company owners with resources and incentive programs that help them thrive. -From the Mass. Office of Business Development (MOBD)

Regional Economic Development Organizations

Whether you're looking for growth support, help with relocating, or just general counseling, each region has a dedicated organization helping businesses grow and attracting new businesses to our state. -From the Executive Office of Housing & Economic Development (EOHED)

Employee Recruiting Assistance

Looking for new, well-qualified employees? Massachusetts' Career Centers can assist your company with the recruiting, screening, and training of new staff. -From the Executive Office of Labor & Workforce Development (EOLWD)

State Permits Assistance

Confused? Don't go it alone. Get your regulation, licensing and permitting questions answered quickly and easily by contacting the State Permit Ombudsman's Office. -From the Permit Regulatory Office

Mentoring & Counseling from SCORE

With local chapters all over MA, SCORE is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping small businesses begin and thrive by offering mentoring and one-on-one consultations. Best of all, it's free. -From SCORE

Federal Small Business Learning Center

Not everyone can fit counseling and live courses into their schedule. Not to worry - the U.S. Small Business Administration provides a wealth of free, online video courses to help you educate yourself - quickly - on important topics. -From the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)

Export Counseling & Technical Assistance

Does your business export goods or services outside of the U.S.? The Massachusetts Export Center can help with everything from export-specific counseling to international market analysis to export training programs. The Export Center meets the complex needs of exporters by developing and providing targeted, high-impact services delivered through a statewide network of international trade professionals. -From the Massachusetts Export Center

Local State Procurement (Purchasing) Counseling Centers

Many businesses find success in selling products and services directly to the government. Learn how to become certified to do business with the state and learn how to be more competitive in the government marketplace. -From the Procurement Technical Assistance Center

State Procurement (Purchasing) Training & Outreach Courses

Interested in doing business with the government? The Executive Office for Administration & Finance provides courses to help you become educated on government procurement and in gearing your business for selling to the state. - From the Executive Office for Administration and Finance

Federal Procurement (Purchasing) Assistance Center

Need help with the technical aspects of doing business with the state or federal government? Don't go it alone - click here to find a technical assistance center near you that's focused on bridging the gap between independent businesses and government.  -From the Association of Procurement Technical Assistance (APTAC) in Massachusetts

Site Finder Service for Industrial & R&D Businesses

Finding the best location for your business is important. But the process can be overwhelming, too.  Whether you're looking for a site for the first time or are in the process of relocating, our MassEcon resource can help you find, purchase, and move to a new location quickly and efficiently. -From MassEcon (Mass Alliance for Economic Development)