Federal Hiring Tax Credits

Massachusetts is committed to helping all people find a job. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit program offers tax reductions to businesses that hire people from certain target groups. -From the Executive Office of Labor & Workforce Development (EOLWD)

Avoiding Layoffs

When facing a slow down in sales, layoffs aren't the only option. The Rapid Response team provides businesses with free assistance in finding alternatives to layoffs and by providing re-employment services for impacted workers. -From the Executive Office of Labor & Workforce Development (EOLWD)

State Job Creation & Building Investment Tax Credits

The Economic Development Incentive Program gives tax incentives to businesses that create jobs and foster business growth. To see if you're eligible for these tax savings, click here. -From the Executive Office of Housing & Economic Development (EOHED)

Workforce Training Fund

Enacted into law in 1998, the Workforce Training Fund is financed entirely by Massachusetts employers, with the purpose of providing resources to train current and newly hired Massachusetts employees. Click here to see if you are eligible.  -From the Office of Labor & Workforce Development (EOLWD)

Employee Recruiting Assistance

Looking for new, well-qualified employees? Massachusetts' Career Centers can assist your company with the recruiting, screening, and training of new staff. -From the Executive Office of Labor & Workforce Development (EOLWD)

Job Creation Capital Investments in Clean Energy

Are you an expanding clean energy company? The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) makes growth capital investments in companies with significant job creation and economic development plans. -From Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

Employer Workplace Safety Training

Worker safety is a top priority on the job. The Department of Labor Standards offers free, on-site consultations to businesses to help them recognize and control potential safety and health hazards.  -From the Executive Office of Labor & Workforce Development (EOLWD)

Wage and Hour Law for Employers

As an employer, a complete understanding of wage and hour laws is important. To make sure your business is in compliance with these regulations, including minimum wage, overtime, youth employment and more, click here.  -From the Attorney General's Office (AGO)