Small Business Purchasing Program Process

The Small Business Purchasing Program (SBPP) assists small businesses that wish to sell non-construction goods/services to any department within the Commonwealth.  Click here to sign up - it only takes twenty minutes!  -From the Operational Services Division (OSD)

State Procurement (Purchasing) Guides

Curious about doing business with the state but unsure how to get started? Click here for access to user-friendly guides on buying from a state contract, selling to the state, procurement and more.  You'll also find free information on events, training's and services.  -From the Executive Office for Administration & Finance (EOANF)

State Procurement (Purchasing) Programs

Not only does the Operational Services Division (OSD) oversee all procurement contracts, it also offers a wide variety of free and informative training seminars on doing business with the state. Click here to see dates, times, and more specific information.  -From the Operational Services Division (OSD)

State Procurement (Purchasing) Information Center (PIC)

If you're planning on doing business with the state, you need to be familiar with certain policies and regulations. Click here for a list of procedures and further guidance concerning the specifics of procurement.  -From the Operational Services Division (OSD)

Construction Design and Contractor Certification Guides

When designing, engineering, and constructing state buildings at a cost of more than $100,000, the Commonwealth is required to work with minority and/or women-owned businesses. If your business fits this demographic, click here to apply for the DCAMM certification you'll need before being contracted.  -From the Executive Office for Administration & Finance (EOANF)

Supplier Diversity Office Certifications

In order to support diversity in Massachusetts business, the Supplier Diversity Office (SDO) offers certification to companies that are minority and/or women controlled. SDO certification can significantly enhance your business's ability to sell to the government - click here to find out more.  -From the Executive Office of Administration & Finance (EOANF)

Federal Certification

The Commonwealth reviews applications for certification as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) to companies that are owned by at least 51% socially or economically disadvantaged individuals. DBE certification gives companies an enhanced ability to do business with the state that relates to federal highways or transportation. Click here to find out if your company is eligible.  -From the Operational Services Division (OSD)

Federal Contracting Opportunities

For many small businesses, government contracts provide sustainable, long-term business growth. For more information on selling goods or services to the government and becoming a federally recognized small business, click here.  -From the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)

State Certified Business Directory

See all the businesses currently certified to do business with the Commonwealth.  -From the Operational Services Division (OSD)