As of January 1, 2010, the Economic Assistance Coordinating Council (EACC) may certify three categories of project for expanding companies that generate substantial sales outside of Massachusetts and are seeking the EDIP Investment Tax Credit (ITC). In consultation with MOBD, the EACC will determine a project's appropriate category.


  • Certified Expansion Project: A full-time job creation and investment project within an Economic Target Area, which includes a local tax exemption and approval by the municipality.
  • Enhanced Expansion Project: A project with exceptional employment growth of at least 100 new full-time jobs, anywhere in Massachusetts.
  • Manufacturing Retention Project: A project within a Gateway Municipality that either retains at least 50 full-time manufacturing jobs and / or creates at least 25 new full-time manufacturing jobs.

The EACC will also consider municipally approved projects that seek only local tax benefits. These projects do not have to meet the substantial sales outside of Massachusetts threshold.

Program Summary Table pdf format of    2011_EDIP_Program_Summary_Table_Update_08_21_2011.
Please review this updated table for incentive information.

EDIP Guidelines pdf format of    2013 EDIP Guidelines

Provides information about the new program and process in addition to 402 CMR 2.00

EDIP Definition of a Permanent Full-Time Employee pdf format of    EDIP Definition of a Permanent Full-Time Employee

For technical legislative information please reference TIR 10-1: Economic Development Incentive Program Credit  

For tax laws pertaining to the program please reference TIR 10-15: Certain Local Property Tax, Personal Income Tax, Corporate Excise, and Tax Administration Changes in "An Act Relative to Economic Development Reorganization"

EDIP Location Analysis pdf format of    2011 EDIP Location Analysis_02_10_11.pdf
Shows communities of special focus for the EDIP-ITC.

Statutory and Regulatory References pdf format of    EDIP Statutory and Regulatory References.doc
Provides important information for applicants.

Economic Target Area (ETA) Map pdf format of    Economic Target Area (ETA) Map  file size 1MB   Economic Target Area (ETA) List by Municipality pdf format of    Economic Target Area (ETA) List by Municipality   
Shows locations eligible for a Certified Expansion Project application.

Alphabetical Listing of ETA Municipalities pdf format of    Alphbetical Listing of ETA Municipalities   

Frequently Asked Questions pdf format of    Final EDIP FAQs updated_01_24_11.pdf