Municipal Best Practices Brief

The Massachusetts Association for Regional Planning Agencies (MARPA) created A Best Practices Model for Streamlined Local Permitting pdf format of permitting_bestpracticesguide.pdf
file size 4MB manual for municipalities. The Best Practices are designed to make permitting more predictable, equitable, cost effective, and efficient while reinforcing local jurisdiction, encouraging community-supported projects, preserving local resources, and maintaining the standard of review.

A Municipal Self-Assessment Checklist was developed from the Best Practices that illustrates the steps MARPA has recommended for a successful and efficient local permitting process. The Checklist is a useful resource for municipalities allowing for self-evaluation of permitting processes and considerations for future implementation.

Every community can benefit from the self-assessment exercise and is encouraged to review the Best Practices Model and consider the strategies outlined in the Checklist.

All communities participating in the Chapter 43D Program are now required to complete the Municipal Self Assessment Checklist as part of the Chapter 43D application process. The Checklist is also a required component of grant reporting process.

When completing the Self-Assessment Checklist, municipalities should evaluate the community's overall performance and not limit the responses to the practices used only for Chapter 43D Priority Development Sites.


For additional information, please contact:

Larry Field
Permit Ombudsman, Massachusetts Permit Regulatory Office
One Ashburton Place, Room 2101
Boston, MA 02108
T: 617.788.3616 F: 617.788.3605