Federal Hiring Tax Credits

Massachusetts is committed to helping all people find a job. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit program offers tax reductions to businesses that hire people from certain target groups. -From the Executive Office of Labor & Workforce Development (EOLWD)

Federal Business Tax Credits

The IRS offers many federal tax credits for small businesses. For a complete list of these credits, click here.  -From IRS.gov

Federal Research & Development Tax Credit

The United States runs on innovation. If your business has expenses related to product research and development, you may be eligible for a tax credit. Click here to find out.  -From IRS.gov

Low-Income Community Investment Tax Credits

Specifically created to stimulate investment in low-income communities, MassDevelopment's NMTC program offers tax credits for investments in community and health centers, retail and office space projects, performing arts centers, and more.  -From MassDevelopment

State Job Creation & Building Investment Tax Credits

The Economic Development Incentive Program gives tax incentives to businesses that create jobs and foster business growth. To see if you're eligible for these tax savings, click here. -From the Executive Office of Housing & Economic Development (EOHED)

Life Sciences Tax Incentive Program

Awarding up to $25 million in tax incentives each year, the Mass Life Sciences Center provides tax incentives to Massachusetts-based companies engaged in life sciences research and development, commercialization, and manufacturing.  -From the Mass Life Sciences Center

Credit for Multi-State Organizations

If your company has multi-state tax filings, it may qualify for a reduced tax burden under Massachusetts' Single Sales Factor tax laws. To find out if your company is eligible for this significant tax reduction, click here.  -From the Executive Office of Housing & Economic Development (EOHED)